Package for processing write behind store operations.


Interface Summary
StoreListener<E> (For internal usage only.) Listener's main contract which are called before and after store operations.
WriteBehindProcessor<E> Write behind processors main contract.
WriteBehindQueue<E> Main contract for write behind queues which are used for map store operations.

Class Summary
DelayedEntry<K,V> Store entry for delayed store operations.
StoreEvent<E> For internal usage only.
StoreWorker Used to process store operations in another thread.
WriteBehindManager Write behind map store manager.
WriteBehindProcessors Static factory which creates a write behind processor.
WriteBehindQueues A class providing static factory methods that create write behind queues.
WriteBehindStore TODO Holds current write behind state and should be included in migrations.

Exception Summary
ReachedMaxSizeException Exception thrown when a BoundedArrayWriteBehindQueue rejects to accept an offer.

Package Description

Package for processing write behind store operations.

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