Package com.hazelcast.web

Provides Hazelcast-based session replication.


Class Summary
AbstractWebDataEntryProcessor<T> A base class for EntryProcessors which will use the web data serializer.
AddSessionEntryProcessor Sets the initial reference count to 1.
DestroySessionEntryProcessor Decrements the reference count for a session, returning Boolean.TRUE or Boolean.FALSE to indicate whether the reference count has reached zero.
InvalidateSessionAttributesEntryProcessor Invalidates all attributes for a destroyed session, removing them from the clustered map.
ReferenceSessionEntryProcessor Increments the reference count, returning Boolean.FALSE if the entry does not exist and Boolean.TRUE otherwise.
SessionAttributePredicate Filters map entries to retrieve only the ones that belong to a specific session.
SessionListener Pairs with WebFilter to notify it of HttpSession timeouts.
WebFilter Provides clustered sessions by backing session data with an IMap.

Package com.hazelcast.web Description

Provides Hazelcast-based session replication.

To use Hazelcast to provide clustered sessions in a webapp, add the following components to your web.xml:



WebFilter should be first in the filter chain to ensure session actions performed in other filters in the chain are replicated. Additionally, note that both the WebFilter and SessionListener must be registered for clustered sessions to work properly. The SessionListener informs the WebFilter of session timeouts so it can update the cluster accordingly.

WebFilter supports several &lt;init-param/&gt; values which can be used to control its behavior. For more details, check its documentation.

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