Package com.hazelcast.jca

This package contains jca functionality


Interface Summary
HazelcastConnection Hazelcast specific connection which allows access to this hazelcast instance to acquire the maps, lists etc.
HazelcastConnectionFactory Interface to allow safe access to Hazelcast's connection interface without casting
HazelcastTransaction Wrapper interface to bundle LocalTransaction and LocalTransaction into one interface

Class Summary
ConnectionFactoryImpl Small facade to bring together container's pooling mechanism and other vendor-specific calls with the real implementation classes of this resource adapter
HazelcastConnectionImpl Implementation class of HazelcastConnectionImpl
HazelcastTransactionImpl Implementation class of HazelcastTransaction
JcaBase Base class to allow simpler logging according to the JCA specs and the Hazelcast Logging Framework
ManagedConnectionFactoryImpl This managed connection factory is populated with all container-specific configuration and infrastructure
ManagedConnectionImpl Implementation class of ManagedConnection
ResourceAdapterImpl This is the starting point of the whole resource adapter for hazelcast.
XAResourceWrapper XA Resource implementation for Hazelcast.

Package com.hazelcast.jca Description

This package contains jca functionality

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