Package com.hazelcast.spi

Provides interfaces/classes for Hazelcast SPI.


Interface Summary
BackupAwareOperation A BackupAwareOperation is an Operation to indicate then when a change is made, a BackupOperation is created to replicate the backup.
BackupOperation When an BackupAwareOperation makes a change, the backups need to be replicated to other members (depending on the configuration and if change really happened).
Callback<T> A callback interface; make it possible to receive a callback.
ClientAwareService A interface that can be implemented by a SPI Service so that it can be notified about client disconnects.
ConfigurableService<T> A capability for SPI services.
CoreService Marker interface for core Hazelcast services.
EventFilter A predicate that can filter out events.
EventPublishingService<E,T> A service for publishing events.
EventRegistration The result of a Event Registration.
EventService Component responsible for handling events like topic events or map.listener events.
ExecutionService A Service responsible for providing access to 'system' executors and customer executors.
ExecutionTracingService Service that keeps registry of operations' execution/lifecycle.
InitializingObject Can be implemented by DistributedObject (proxies) to indicate that they want to be initialized.
InternalCompletableFuture<E> A ICompletableFuture with more functionality like getting the result without needing to deal with checked exceptions.
ManagedService A interface that can be implemented by a SPI Service to receive lifecycle calls: initialization shutdown reset
MembershipAwareService An interface that can be implemented by a SPI service that needs to be notified members joining and leaving the cluster.
MigrationAwareService An interface that can be implemented by SPI services to get notified of partition changes.
NodeAware A 'capability' that can be implemented by object to get the Node injected.
NodeEngine The NodeEngine is the internal heart of a member.
NonThreadSafe Marker interface for non-thread-safe classes.
Notifier A component used in wait/notify systems like Condition.
ObjectNamespace An ObjectNamespace that makes identification of in object within a service possible.
OperationFactory A Factory for creating Operation instances.
OperationService The OperationService is responsible for executing operations.
PartitionAwareOperation An interface that can be implemented by an operation to indicate that is should be invoked on a particular partition.
ProxyService A CoreService responsible for managing the DistributedObject proxies.
ReadonlyOperation Read-only operations are not retried during migration.
RemoteService An interface that can be implemented by SPI-Services to give them the ability to create proxies to distributed objects.
ReplicationSupportingService An interface that can be implemented by SPI services to give them the ability to listen to Replication Events.
ResponseHandler A handler for the OperationService when it has calculated a response.
ServiceConfigurationParser<T> A hook into the parsing system.
SharedService A shared service (not clear what the difference is between shared and unshared though).
SplitBrainHandlerService An interface that can be implemented by SPI services that want to be able to resolve a split brain.
TraceableOperation Operation which has a traceable identifier
TransactionalService An interface that can be implemented by SPI services that want to deal with transactions.
UrgentSystemOperation An Marker interface that signals that an operation is an urgent System Operation.
WaitNotifyKey A key for a wait notify object e.g.
WaitNotifyService A service for object where one can wait on, like ICondition or a ILock when a thread needs to wait for a lock to be released.
WaitSupport A interface that can be implemented to participate in the Wait/Notify System.

Class Summary
AbstractDistributedObject<S extends RemoteService> Abstract DistributedObject implementation.
AbstractOperation Abstract Operation implementation with some basic methods implemented.
AbstractWaitNotifyKey Abstract implementation of the WaitNotifyKey.
DefaultObjectNamespace Default ObjectNamespace implementation.
InvocationBuilder The InvocationBuilder is responsible for building an invocation of an operation and invoking it.
MemberAttributeServiceEvent This service event is fired to inform services about a change in a member's attributes collection
MembershipServiceEvent Membership event fired when a new member is added to the cluster and/or when a member leaves the cluster.
Operation An operation could be compared the a Runnable.
OperationAccessor Allows access to certain attributes on an Operation.
PartitionMigrationEvent An EventObject for a partition migration.
PartitionReplicationEvent An event send to MigrationAwareService when partitions changes happen.
ServiceInfo Contains the name of the service and the actual service.

Enum Summary
ExceptionAction The possible actions that can be taken when a certain exception is thrown.

Package com.hazelcast.spi Description

Provides interfaces/classes for Hazelcast SPI.

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