Interface UrgentSystemOperation

All Known Subinterfaces:
JoinOperation, MigrationCycleOperation
All Known Implementing Classes:
AuthenticationFailureOperation, AuthorizationOperation, BaseMigrationOperation, ClientDisconnectionOperation, ClientReAuthOperation, ConfigMismatchOperation, FinalizeJoinOperation, GroupMismatchOperation, HeartbeatOperation, IsReplicaVersionSync, IsStillExecutingOperation, JoinCheckOperation, JoinRequestOperation, MasterClaimOperation, MasterConfirmationOperation, MasterDiscoveryOperation, MemberAttributeChangedOperation, MemberInfoUpdateOperation, MemberRemoveOperation, MergeClustersOperation, MigrationOperation, MigrationRequestOperation, PartitionStateOperation, PostJoinOperation, PrepareMergeOperation, ReplicaSyncRequest, ReplicaSyncResponse, ReplicaSyncRetryResponse, SetMasterOperation, TraceableIsStillExecutingOperation

public interface UrgentSystemOperation

An Marker interface that signals that an operation is an urgent System Operation.

System Operations can be executed by the OperationService with an urgency. This is important because when a system is under load and its operation queues are filled up, you want the system to deal with system operation like the ones needed for partition-migration, with a high urgency. So that system remains responsive.

In most cases this interface should not be used by normal user code because illegal usage of this interface, can influence the health of the Hazelcast cluster negatively.

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