Package com.hazelcast.util

This package contains classes to support the inner workings of Hazelcast as well as some backports of newer Java features / data structures to support older Java versions in a clean and nice way.


Interface Summary
ConstructorFunction<K,V> See ConcurrencyUtil
FutureUtil.ExceptionHandler Internally used interface to define behavior of the FutureUtil methods when exceptions arise
MemoryInfoAccessor Used for providing runtime memory information of Java virtual machine.

Class Summary
AddressUtil AddressUtil contains Address helper methods
AddressUtil.AddressHolder Holds address
Base64 This class provides encode/decode for RFC 2045 Base64 as defined by RFC 2045, N.
CacheConcurrentHashMap<K,V> ConcurrentHashMap to extend iterator capability
Clock Utility class to be able to simulate different time zones.
CollectionUtil Various collection utility methods, mainly targeted to use internally.
ConcurrencyUtil Utility methods to getOrPutSynchronized and getOrPutIfAbsent in thread safe way from ConcurrentMap with a ConstructorFunction .
ConcurrentReferenceHashMap<K,V> An advanced hash table supporting configurable garbage collection semantics of keys and values, optional referential-equality, full concurrency of retrievals, and adjustable expected concurrency for updates.
EmptyStatement This class does nothing!

It is useful if you e.g.

FilteringClassLoader This is used to separate Server and Client inside the same JVM on new standalone client unittests!
NEVER EVER use this anywhere in production! :D
FutureUtil This utility class contains convenience methods to work with multiple futures at the same time, e.g.

Health monitor periodically prints logs about related internal metrics under when hazelcast is under load.

IterableUtil Utility functions for working with Iterable
JsonUtil Utility class to deal with Json.
MapUtil Utility class for Maps
OperatingSystemMXBeanSupport Support class for reading attributes from OperatingSystemMXBean.
PerformanceMonitor The PerformanceMonitor is responsible for logging all kinds of performance related information.
QueryResultSet Collection(Set) class for result of query operations
QuickMath The class QuickMath contains methods to perform optimized mathematical operations.
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ResponseQueueFactory Factory for creating response queues.
RuntimeMemoryInfoAccessor Provides memory information using Runtime.
SampleableConcurrentHashMap<K,V> ConcurrentHashMap to extend iterator capability.
ServiceLoader Support class for loading Hazelcast services and hooks based on the Java ServiceLoader specification but changed in the fact of classloaders to test for given services to work in multi classloader environments like application or OSGi servers
SortedQueryResultSet Collection class for results of query operations
SortingUtil Utility class for generating Comparators to be used in sort methods specific to hazelcast classes.
StringUtil Utility class for Strings.
ThreadUtil Utility class to manipulate and query thread id
UuidUtil Util class to generate random unique identifiers
ValidationUtil A utility class for validating arguments and state.
VersionCheck Checks version of hazelcast with central server.

Enum Summary
ConcurrentReferenceHashMap.ReferenceType An option specifying which Java reference type should be used to refer to a key and/or value.
HealthMonitorLevel Health monitor can be configured with system properties ""
IterationType To differentiate users selection on result collection on map-wide operations like values , keySet , query etc.

Exception Summary
AddressUtil.InvalidAddressException Thrown when given address is not valid.

Package com.hazelcast.util Description

This package contains classes to support the inner workings of Hazelcast as well as some backports of newer Java features / data structures to support older Java versions in a clean and nice way.

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