Class HealthMonitor

  extended by java.lang.Thread
      extended by com.hazelcast.util.HealthMonitor
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class HealthMonitor
extends Thread

Health monitor periodically prints logs about related internal metrics under when hazelcast is under load. Under load means that memory usage is above threshold percentage or process/cpu load is above threshold.

Health monitor can be configured with system properties

"" This property can be one of the following NOISY => does not check threshold , always prints. SILENT(default) => prints only if metrics are above threshold. OFF => Does not print anything.

"" Time between printing two logs of health monitor. Default values is 30 seconds

Nested Class Summary
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Thread.State, Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler
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Constructor Summary
HealthMonitor(HazelcastInstanceImpl hazelcastInstance, HealthMonitorLevel logLevel, int delaySeconds)
Method Summary
static String numberToUnit(long number)
static String percentageString(double p)
 void run()
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Constructor Detail


public HealthMonitor(HazelcastInstanceImpl hazelcastInstance,
                     HealthMonitorLevel logLevel,
                     int delaySeconds)
Method Detail


public void run()
Specified by:
run in interface Runnable
run in class Thread


public static String percentageString(double p)


public static String numberToUnit(long number)

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