Package com.hazelcast.nio

This package contains classes related to New IO


Interface Summary
Connection Represents a 'connection' between two machines.
ConnectionListener A listener for the ConnectionManager to listen to connections being added or removed.
ConnectionManager Responsible for managing Connection objects.
MemberSocketInterceptor Member Socket Interceptor can be registered via see SocketInterceptorConfig
NIOThread Marker interface for non-blocking IO threads.
ObjectDataInput Provides serialization methods for arrays of primitive types
ObjectDataOutput Provides serialization methods for arrays by extending DataOutput
SocketInterceptor An interface that provides the ability to intercept the creation of sockets.
SocketReadable Represents something where data can be read from.
SocketWritable Represents something that can be written to a Connection.

Class Summary
Address Represents an address of a member in the cluster.
Bits Access and manipulate bits, bytes, primitives ...
ClassLoaderUtil Utility class to deal with classloaders.
Packet A Packet is a piece of data send over the line.
Protocols First bytes to send a node that defines selected protocol
UnsafeHelper Unsafe accessor.
UTFEncoderDecoder Class to encode/decode UTF-Strings to and from byte-arrays.

Enum Summary
ConnectionType An enumeration of all possible Connection types.

Package com.hazelcast.nio Description

This package contains classes related to New IO

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