Package com.hazelcast.core

Provides core API interfaces/classes.


Interface Summary
AsyncAtomicLong This interface is an IAtomicLong interface that exposes its operations using an ICompletableFuture interface so it can be used in the reactive programming model approach.
AsyncAtomicReference<E> A IAtomicReference that exposes its operations using a ICompletableFuture so it can be used in the reactive programming model approach.
BaseMap<K,V> Base interface for Hazelcast distributed maps.
BaseMultiMap<K,V> Base interface for Hazelcast distributed multi-maps.
BaseQueue<E> Base interface for Hazelcast distributed queues.
Client The Client interface allows to get information about a connected client's socket address, type and uuid.
ClientListener The ClientListener provides the ability to listen to clients connecting and disconnecting from the cluster.
ClientService ClientService allows you to query connected Clients and attach/detach ClientListeners to listen to connection events.
Cluster Hazelcast cluster interface.
DistributedObject Base interface for all distributed objects.
DistributedObjectListener DistributedObjectListener notifies when a DistributedObject is created or destroyed cluster-wide.
Endpoint Endpoint represents a peer in the cluster.
EntryListener<K,V> Map Entry listener to get notified when a map entry is added, removed, updated or evicted.
EntryView<K,V> EntryView represents a readonly view of a map entry.
ExecutionCallback<V> ExecutionCallback allows to asynchronously get notified when the execution is completed, either successfully or with error.
HazelcastInstance Hazelcast instance.
HazelcastInstanceAware Used to get HazelcastInstance reference when submitting a Runnable/Callable using Hazelcast ExecutorService.
IAtomicLong IAtomicLong is a redundant and highly available distributed alternative to the java.util.concurrent.atomic.AtomicLong.
IAtomicReference<E> IAtomicReference is a redundant and highly available distributed alternative to the java.util.concurrent.atomic.AtomicReference.
ICollection<E> Concurrent, distributed, partitioned, listenable collection.
ICompletableFuture<V> A Future where one can asynchronously listen on completion.
ICondition Distributed implementation of Condition.
ICountDownLatch ICountDownLatch is a backed-up distributed alternative to the java.util.concurrent.CountDownLatch.
IdGenerator The IdGenerator is responsible for creating unique ids (a long) in a cluster.
IExecutorService Distributed implementation of ExecutorService.
IFunction<T,R> Represents a function that accepts one argument and produces a result.
IList<E> Concurrent, distributed implementation of List The Hazelcast IList is not a partitioned data-structure.
ILock Distributed implementation of Lock.
IMap<K,V> Concurrent, distributed, observable and queryable map.
IMapEvent Map events common contract.
InitialMembershipListener The InitializingMembershipListener is a MembershipListener that first receives a InitialMembershipEvent when it is registered so it immediately knows which members are available.
IQueue<E> Concurrent, blocking, distributed, observable queue.
ISemaphore ISemaphore is a backed-up distributed alternative to the Semaphore.
ISet<E> Concurrent, distributed implementation of Set

This class is not a general-purpose Set implementation! While this class implements the Set interface, it intentionally violates Set's general contract, which mandates the use of the equals method when comparing objects.

ItemListener<E> Item listener for IQueue, ISet and IList

Hazelcast provides distribution mechanism for publishing messages that are delivered to multiple subscribers, which is also known as a publish/subscribe (pub/sub) messaging model.

LifecycleListener Listener object for listening to lifecycle events of the Hazelcast instance
LifecycleService LifecycleService allows you to shutdown, terminate, and listen to LifecycleEvent's on HazelcastInstance.
ManagedContext Container managed context, such as Spring, Guice and etc.
MapLoader<K,V> Hazelcast distributed map implementation is an in-memory data store but it can be backed by any type of data store such as RDBMS, OODBMS, or simply a file based data store.
MapLoaderLifecycleSupport Provides Lifecycle support for the implementing MapLoader class.
MapStore<K,V> Hazelcast distributed map implementation is an in-memory data store, but it can be backed by any type of data store such as RDBMS, OODBMS, NOSQL, or simply a file-based data store.
MapStoreFactory<K,V> Factory for MapLoader or MapStore instances, specifiable in MapStoreConfig.
Member Cluster member interface.
MemberSelector Implementations of this interface select members that are capable of executing a special kind of task.
The method is called for every available member in the cluster and it is up to the implementation to decide if the member is going to be used or not.
MembershipListener Cluster membership listener.
MessageListener<E> Message listener for ITopic.
MigrationListener MigrationListener provides the ability to listen to partition migration events.
MultiExecutionCallback MultiExecutionCallback provides notification for when an execution is completed on each member that a task is submitted to.
MultiMap<K,V> A specialized map whose keys can be associated with multiple values.
Partition In Hazelcast the data is split up in partitions: by default, 271 and configurable through the 'hazelcast.partition.count' GroupProperty.
PartitionAware<T> PartitionAware means that data will be based in the same member based on the partition key and implementing tasks will be executed on the PartitionAware.getPartitionKey()'s owner member.
PartitioningStrategy<K> PartitioningStrategy allows keys to be located on the same member.
PartitionService PartitionService allows you to query Partitions and attach/detach MigrationListeners to listen to partition migration events.
PostProcessingMapStore Implement this interface if you modify the value in key, V value) method.
QueueStore<T> QueueStore makes a queue backed by a central data store; such as database, disk, etc.
ReplicatedMap<K,V> A ReplicatedMap is a map-like data structure with non-strong consistency (so-called eventually consistent) and values locally stored on every node of the cluster.
TransactionalList<E> Transactional implementation of IList.
TransactionalMap<K,V> Transactional implementation of BaseMap.
TransactionalMultiMap<K,V> Transactional implementation of BaseMultiMap.
TransactionalQueue<E> Transactional implementation of BaseQueue.
TransactionalSet<E> Transactional implementation of ISet.

Class Summary
AbstractIMapEvent The abstract class for a map event IMapEvent.
DistributedObjectEvent DistributedObjectEvent is fired when a DistributedObject is created or destroyed cluster-wide.
EntryAdapter<K,V> Adapter for EntryListener.
EntryEvent<K,V> Map Entry event.
Hazelcast Factory for HazelcastInstance's, a node in a cluster.
InitialMembershipEvent A event that is send when a InitialMembershipListener registers itself on a Cluster.
ItemEvent<E> Map Item event.
LifecycleEvent Lifecycle event fired when HazelcastInstance's state changes.
MapEvent Used for map-wide events like EntryEventType.EVICT_ALL and EntryEventType.CLEAR_ALL.
MapStoreAdapter<K,V> Adapter for MapStore.
MembershipAdapter Adapter for MembershipListener.
MembershipEvent Membership event fired when a new member is added to the cluster and/or when a member leaves the cluster.
Message<E> Message for ITopic.
MigrationEvent An event fired when a partition migration starts, completes or fails.
OutOfMemoryHandler Handler for OutOfMemoryError.
PartitionAwareKey<K,P> A PartitionAware key.

Enum Summary
ClientType Type of a client.
DistributedObjectEvent.EventType Type of event.
EntryEventType Type of entry event.
ItemEventType Type of item event.
LifecycleEvent.LifecycleState lifecycle states
MigrationEvent.MigrationStatus Migration status: Started, completed or failed

Exception Summary
DuplicateInstanceNameException Thrown when a duplicate instance name is detected.
HazelcastException Base Hazelcast exception.
HazelcastInstanceNotActiveException Thrown when HazelcastInstance is not active during an invocation.
MemberLeftException A ExecutionException thrown when a member left during an invocation or execution.
OperationTimeoutException An unchecked version of TimeoutException.
RuntimeInterruptedException An unchecked version of InterruptedException.

Package com.hazelcast.core Description

Provides core API interfaces/classes.

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