Interface IList<E>

Type Parameters:
E -
All Superinterfaces:
Collection<E>, DistributedObject, ICollection<E>, Iterable<E>, List<E>
All Known Implementing Classes:
ClientListProxy, ListProxyImpl

public interface IList<E>
extends List<E>, ICollection<E>

Concurrent, distributed implementation of List The Hazelcast IList is not a partitioned data-structure. So all the content of the IList is stored in a single machine (and in the backup). So the IList will not scale by adding more members in the cluster.

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Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface java.util.List
add, add, addAll, addAll, clear, contains, containsAll, equals, get, hashCode, indexOf, isEmpty, iterator, lastIndexOf, listIterator, listIterator, remove, remove, removeAll, retainAll, set, size, subList, toArray, toArray
Methods inherited from interface com.hazelcast.core.ICollection
addItemListener, getName, removeItemListener
Methods inherited from interface com.hazelcast.core.DistributedObject
destroy, getId, getPartitionKey, getServiceName

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