Package com.hazelcast.queue.impl.operations

This package contains the IQueue operations


Class Summary
AddAllBackupOperation Provides backup functionality for AddAllOperation
AddAllOperation Add collection items to the Queue.
CheckAndEvictOperation Provides eviction functionality for Operations of Queue.
ClearBackupOperation Store items' id as set when ClearOperation run.
ClearOperation Clears items stored by Queue.
CompareAndRemoveBackupOperation This class triggers backup method for items' id.
CompareAndRemoveOperation This class triggers iterator and if find same item in the Queue, remove this item.
ContainsOperation Checks whether contain or not item in the Queue.
DrainBackupOperation This class stores items' id when DrainOperation run.
DrainOperation This class drain items according to drain condition.
IsEmptyOperation check if queue is empty
IteratorOperation Provides iterator functionality for Queue.
OfferBackupOperation Backup items during offer operation.
OfferOperation Contains offer operation for the Queue.
PeekOperation Peek operation for Queue.
PollBackupOperation Backup items during pool operation.
PollOperation Pool operation for Queue.
QueueBackupAwareOperation This abstract class contains important methods for all Queue operations.
QueueOperation This class contains methods for Queue operations such as AddAllOperation.
QueueReplicationOperation Replication operation for the Queue.
RemainingCapacityOperation Returns the remaining capacity of the queue based on config max-size
RemoveBackupOperation Remove backup of the Queue item.
RemoveOperation Remove operation for the Queue.
SizeOperation Notify size of the queue.

Package com.hazelcast.queue.impl.operations Description

This package contains the IQueue operations

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