Class ClientIdGeneratorProxy

  extended by com.hazelcast.client.spi.ClientProxy
      extended by com.hazelcast.client.proxy.ClientIdGeneratorProxy
All Implemented Interfaces:
DistributedObject, IdGenerator

public class ClientIdGeneratorProxy
extends ClientProxy
implements IdGenerator

Constructor Summary
ClientIdGeneratorProxy(String serviceName, String objectId, IAtomicLong atomicLong)
Method Summary
 boolean init(long id)
          Try to initialize this IdGenerator instance with the given id.
 long newId()
          Generates and returns a cluster-wide unique id.
protected  void onDestroy()
          Called before proxy is destroyed.
 String toString()
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Constructor Detail


public ClientIdGeneratorProxy(String serviceName,
                              String objectId,
                              IAtomicLong atomicLong)
Method Detail


public boolean init(long id)
Description copied from interface: IdGenerator
Try to initialize this IdGenerator instance with the given id. The first generated id will be 1 greater than id.

Specified by:
init in interface IdGenerator
true if initialization succeeded, false if id is less than 0.


public long newId()
Description copied from interface: IdGenerator
Generates and returns a cluster-wide unique id. Generated ids are guaranteed to be unique for the entire cluster as long as the cluster is live. If the cluster restarts, then id generation will start from 0.

Specified by:
newId in interface IdGenerator
the cluster-wide new unique id


protected void onDestroy()
Description copied from class: ClientProxy
Called before proxy is destroyed. Overriding implementations should clean/release resources created during initialization.

onDestroy in class ClientProxy


public String toString()
toString in class Object

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