Class RoundRobinLB

  extended by com.hazelcast.client.util.AbstractLoadBalancer
      extended by com.hazelcast.client.util.RoundRobinLB
All Implemented Interfaces:
LoadBalancer, MembershipListener, EventListener

public class RoundRobinLB
extends AbstractLoadBalancer

A LoadBalancer implementation that relies on using round robin to a next member to send a request to.

Round robin is done based on best effort basis, the order of members for concurrent calls to the next() is not guaranteed.

Constructor Summary
RoundRobinLB(int seed)
Method Summary
 Member next()
          Returns the next member to route to.
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Constructor Detail


public RoundRobinLB()


public RoundRobinLB(int seed)
Method Detail


public Member next()
Description copied from interface: LoadBalancer
Returns the next member to route to.

Returns the next member or null if no member is available

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