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Packages that use AwsConfig Provides interfaces/classes for Hazelcast AWS. Provides implementation classes for Hazelcast AWS. Provides utility classes for Hazelcast AWS. 
com.hazelcast.client.config Contains classes related to config for com.hazelcast.client 
com.hazelcast.config Provides classes for configuring HazelcastInstance. 

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Constructors in with parameters of type AwsConfig
AWSClient(AwsConfig awsConfig)

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Constructors in with parameters of type AwsConfig
DescribeInstances(AwsConfig awsConfig)

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Methods in with parameters of type AwsConfig
static Map<String,String> CloudyUtility.unmarshalTheResponse(InputStream stream, AwsConfig awsConfig)

Uses of AwsConfig in com.hazelcast.client.config

Subclasses of AwsConfig in com.hazelcast.client.config
 class ClientAwsConfig
          The AWSConfig contains the configuration for client to connect to nodes in aws environment.

Uses of AwsConfig in com.hazelcast.config

Methods in com.hazelcast.config that return AwsConfig
 AwsConfig JoinConfig.getAwsConfig()
 AwsConfig AwsConfig.setAccessKey(String accessKey)
          Sets the access key to access AWS.
 AwsConfig AwsConfig.setConnectionTimeoutSeconds(int connectionTimeoutSeconds)
          Sets the connect timeout in seconds.
 AwsConfig AwsConfig.setEnabled(boolean enabled)
          Enables or disables the aws join mechanism.
 AwsConfig AwsConfig.setHostHeader(String hostHeader)
          Sets the host header; the address the EC2 API can be found.
 AwsConfig AwsConfig.setRegion(String region)
          Sets the region where the EC2 instances running the Hazelcast members will be running.
 AwsConfig AwsConfig.setSecretKey(String secretKey)
          Sets the secret key to access AWS.
 AwsConfig AwsConfig.setSecurityGroupName(String securityGroupName)
          Sets the security group name.
 AwsConfig AwsConfig.setTagKey(String tagKey)
          Sets the tag key.
 AwsConfig AwsConfig.setTagValue(String tagValue)
          Sets the tag value.

Methods in com.hazelcast.config with parameters of type AwsConfig
 JoinConfig JoinConfig.setAwsConfig(AwsConfig awsConfig)

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