Interface EntryBackupProcessor<K,V>

Type Parameters:
K - Type of key of a Map.Entry
V - Type of value of a Map.Entry
All Superinterfaces:

public interface EntryBackupProcessor<K,V>
extends Serializable

Processes an entry on a backup partition.

Note that there is a possibility which an EntryProcessor can see that a key exists but its backup processor EntryBackupProcessor may not find it at the time of running due to an unsent backup of a previous operation (e.g. a previous put). In those situations, Hazelcast internally/eventually will sync those owner and backup partitions so you will not lose any data. But when coding an EntryBackupProcessor, one should take that case into account otherwise NullPointerExceptions can be seen since Map.Entry.getValue() may return null.

See Also:
EntryProcessor, AbstractEntryProcessor

Method Summary
 void processBackup(Map.Entry<K,V> entry)

Method Detail


void processBackup(Map.Entry<K,V> entry)

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