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Packages that use AbstractMapOperation Package for map operations. 

Uses of AbstractMapOperation in

Subclasses of AbstractMapOperation in
 class ClearOperation
 class ContainsValueOperation
 class EvictAllBackupOperation
          Operation which evicts all keys except locked ones.
 class EvictAllOperation
          Operation which evicts all keys except locked ones.
 class GetAllOperation
 class LoadAllOperation
          Triggers map store load of all given keys.
 class MapEntrySetOperation
 class MapFlushOperation
 class MapIsEmptyOperation
 class MapKeySetOperation
 class MapSizeOperation
 class MapValuesOperation
 class MultipleEntryBackupOperation
 class MultipleEntryOperation
 class PartitionCheckIfLoadedOperation
 class PartitionWideEntryBackupOperation
 class PartitionWideEntryOperation
          GOTCHA : This operation does NOT load missing keys from map-store for now.
 class PartitionWideEntryWithPredicateBackupOperation
 class PartitionWideEntryWithPredicateOperation
 class PutAllBackupOperation
 class PutAllOperation
 class PutFromLoadAllBackupOperation
          Runs on backups.
 class PutFromLoadAllOperation
          Puts records to map which are loaded from map store by IMap.loadAll(boolean)
 class QueryOperation
 class QueryPartitionOperation

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