Uses of Interface

Packages that use Record Contains implementation specific classes of package. Package for map operations. Contains record specific classes. 

Uses of Record in

Methods in that return Record
 Record MapContainer.createRecord(Data key, Object value, long ttlMillis, long now)
 Record RecordStore.getRecord(Data key)
 Record DefaultRecordStore.getRecord(Data key)
 Record RecordStore.getRecordOrNull(Data key)
          Returns live record or null if record is already expired.
 Record DefaultRecordStore.getRecordOrNull(Data key)
 Record RecordStore.putBackup(Data key, Object value)
 Record DefaultRecordStore.putBackup(Data key, Object value)
 Record RecordStore.putBackup(Data key, Object value, long ttl)
 Record DefaultRecordStore.putBackup(Data key, Object value, long ttl)

Methods in that return types with arguments of type Record
 Map<Data,Record> RecordStore.getRecordMap()
          Returns records map.
 Map<Data,Record> DefaultRecordStore.getRecordMap()
 Iterator<Record> RecordStore.iterator()
          Iterates over record store values.
 Iterator<Record> DefaultRecordStore.iterator()
 Iterator<Record> RecordStore.iterator(long now, boolean backup)
          Iterates over record store values by respecting expiration.
 Iterator<Record> DefaultRecordStore.iterator(long now, boolean backup)
 Iterator<Record> RecordStore.loadAwareIterator(long now, boolean backup)
          Iterates over record store values but first waits map store to load.
 Iterator<Record> DefaultRecordStore.loadAwareIterator(long now, boolean backup)

Methods in with parameters of type Record
<K,V> EntryView<K,V>
EntryViews.createLazyEntryView(K key, V value, Record record, SerializationService serializationService, MapMergePolicy mergePolicy)
<K,V> EntryView<K,V>
EntryViews.createSimpleEntryView(K key, V value, Record record)
 void RecordStore.putRecord(Data key, Record record)
          Puts a data key and a record value to record-store.
 void DefaultRecordStore.putRecord(Data key, Record record)

Uses of Record in

Methods in with parameters of type Record
 Map.Entry<Data,Data> PutAllOperation.getProcessedValue(Map.Entry<Data,Data> entry, Record record)

Uses of Record in

Methods in that return Record
 Record<Data> NativeRecordFactory.newRecord(Data key, Object value)
 Record<Object> ObjectRecordFactory.newRecord(Data key, Object value)
 Record<Data> DataRecordFactory.newRecord(Data key, Object value)
 Record<T> RecordFactory.newRecord(Data key, Object value)

Methods in with parameters of type Record
static void Records.applyRecordInfo(Record record, RecordInfo replicationInfo)
static RecordInfo Records.buildRecordInfo(Record record)
 void NativeRecordFactory.setValue(Record<Data> record, Object value)
 void DataRecordFactory.setValue(Record<Data> record, Object value)
 void ObjectRecordFactory.setValue(Record<Object> record, Object value)
 void RecordFactory.setValue(Record<T> record, Object value)

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