Class BasicBackPressureService

  extended by com.hazelcast.spi.impl.BasicBackPressureService

public class BasicBackPressureService
extends Object

A service responsible for figuring out if back pressure needs to be applied to a certain operation.

The current implementation only applies back-pressure on async backup operations of synchronous operation. E.g. the map.put with a async-backup. It does not apply back-pressure for regular async operations or async operations with an async backup. This probably will be added in HZ 3.4.1

For information about the implementation see:

Constructor Summary
BasicBackPressureService(GroupProperties properties, ILogger logger)
Method Summary
 void cleanup()
          Cleans up all sync delay administration for dead connections.
 boolean isBackPressureNeeded(Operation op)
          Checks if back pressure is needed.
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Constructor Detail


public BasicBackPressureService(GroupProperties properties,
                                ILogger logger)
Method Detail


public boolean isBackPressureNeeded(Operation op)
Checks if back pressure is needed.

op -


public void cleanup()
Cleans up all sync delay administration for dead connections. Without this cleanup, eventually the system could run into an OOME.

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