Class CoalescingDelayedTrigger

  extended by com.hazelcast.util.scheduler.CoalescingDelayedTrigger

public class CoalescingDelayedTrigger
extends Object

Coalescing trigger can be used when you want coalesce multiple execution of Runnable. Once you call the executeWithDelay() it will wait specified amount of time before actually executing the Runnable. If executeWithDelay() is invoked again within the interval then the Runnable will be executed only once. It also guarantees no execution will be delayed more than specified maximum delay. This class is not thread-safe and external synchronization must be ensured when multiple threads are calling executeWithDelay()

Constructor Summary
CoalescingDelayedTrigger(ExecutionService executionService, long delay, long maxDelay, Runnable runnable)
Method Summary
 void executeWithDelay()
          invoke delayed execution.
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Constructor Detail


public CoalescingDelayedTrigger(ExecutionService executionService,
                                long delay,
                                long maxDelay,
                                Runnable runnable)
executionService -
delay - execution delay in ms
maxDelay - maximum delay in ms. No action will be delayed more specified number of ms.
runnable - action to be executed
Method Detail


public void executeWithDelay()
invoke delayed execution.

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