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Packages that use WanReplicationPublisher Contains implementation specific classes of package. 
com.hazelcast.wan This package contains the WAN replication API 
com.hazelcast.wan.impl This package contains the opensource implementation of WAN replication 

Uses of WanReplicationPublisher in

Methods in that return WanReplicationPublisher
 WanReplicationPublisher MapContainer.getWanReplicationPublisher()

Uses of WanReplicationPublisher in com.hazelcast.wan

Subinterfaces of WanReplicationPublisher in com.hazelcast.wan
 interface WanReplicationEndpoint
          Implementations of this interface represent a replication endpoint, normally another Hazelcast cluster only reachable over a wide area network

Methods in com.hazelcast.wan that return WanReplicationPublisher
 WanReplicationPublisher WanReplicationService.getWanReplicationPublisher(String name)
          Creates a new WanReplicationPublisher by the given name, if already existing returns the previous instance.

Uses of WanReplicationPublisher in com.hazelcast.wan.impl

Classes in com.hazelcast.wan.impl that implement WanReplicationPublisher
 class WanNoDelayReplication
          No delaying distribution implementation on WAN replication

Methods in com.hazelcast.wan.impl that return WanReplicationPublisher
 WanReplicationPublisher WanReplicationServiceImpl.getWanReplicationPublisher(String name)

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