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hazelcast::client::MemberAttributeEvent Class Reference

#include <MemberAttributeEvent.h>

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Public Types

enum  MemberAttributeOperationType { PUT = 1, REMOVE = 2 }
 PUT even type representing an addition of an attribute REMOVE event type representing a deletion of an attribute.
- Public Types inherited from hazelcast::client::MembershipEvent
enum  MembershipEventType { MEMBER_ADDED = 1, MEMBER_REMOVED = 2 }
 MembershipEventType. More...

Public Member Functions

 MemberAttributeEvent (Cluster &cluster, const Member &member, MemberAttributeOperationType operationType, const std::string &key, std::string &value, const std::vector< Member > &memberList)
 InternalAPI. More...
MemberAttributeOperationType getOperationType () const
 enum MemberAttributeOperationType { PUT = 2, REMOVE = 3 }; More...
const std::string & getKey () const
const std::string & getValue () const
 Returns null if => given type T is not compatible with available type, or => MemberAttributeOperationType is remove(REMOVE). More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from hazelcast::client::MembershipEvent
 MembershipEvent (Cluster &cluster, const Member &member, MembershipEventType eventType, const std::vector< Member > &membersList)
 Internal API. More...
virtual ~MembershipEvent ()
virtual const std::vector< MembergetMembers () const
 Returns a consistent view of the the members exactly after this MembershipEvent has been processed. More...
virtual const ClustergetCluster () const
 Returns the cluster of the event. More...
virtual MembershipEventType getEventType () const
 Returns the membership event type; MembershipEvent::MEMBER_ADDED , MembershipEvent::MEMBER_REMOVED and MembershipEvent::MEMBER_ATTRIBUTE_CHANGED. More...
virtual const MembergetMember () const
 Returns the removed or added member. More...

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

hazelcast::client::MemberAttributeEvent::MemberAttributeEvent ( Cluster cluster,
const Member member,
MemberAttributeEvent::MemberAttributeOperationType  operationType,
const std::string &  key,
std::string &  value,
const std::vector< Member > &  memberList 



Member Function Documentation

const std::string & hazelcast::client::MemberAttributeEvent::getKey ( ) const
key of changed attribute
MemberAttributeEvent::MemberAttributeOperationType hazelcast::client::MemberAttributeEvent::getOperationType ( ) const

enum MemberAttributeOperationType { PUT = 2, REMOVE = 3 };

map operation type put or removed
const std::string & hazelcast::client::MemberAttributeEvent::getValue ( ) const

Returns null if => given type T is not compatible with available type, or => MemberAttributeOperationType is remove(REMOVE).

value of changed attribute.

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