Hazelcast C++ Client
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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oChazelcast::client::AddressIP Address
oChazelcast::client::addressComparatorAddress comparator functor
oChazelcast::client::serialization::ClassDefinitionClassDefinition defines a class schema for Portable classes
oChazelcast::client::serialization::ClassDefinitionBuilderClassDefinitionBuilder is used to build and register ClassDefinitions manually
oChazelcast::client::ClientConfigHazelcastClient configuration class
oChazelcast::client::ClientPropertiesClient Properties is an internal class
oChazelcast::client::ClientPropertyA client property is a configuration for hazelcast client
oChazelcast::client::ClusterHazelcast cluster interface
oChazelcast::client::DistributedObjectBase class for all distributed objects
oChazelcast::client::EntryEvent< K, V >Map Entry event
oChazelcast::client::EntryEventTypeType of entry event
oChazelcast::client::EntryListener< K, V >Map Entry listener to get notified when a map entry is added, removed, updated or evicted
|\Chazelcast::client::EntryAdapter< K, V >Adapter for EntryListener
oChazelcast::client::EntryView< K, V >EntryView represents a readonly view of a map entry
|\Chazelcast::client::exception::IExceptionBase class for all exception originated from Hazelcast methods
| oChazelcast::client::exception::AuthenticationException
| oChazelcast::client::exception::HazelcastSerializationExceptionRaised when an error occur during serialization or deserialization in Hazelcast
| oChazelcast::client::exception::IClassCastExceptionRaised an unexpected type data comes from server
| oChazelcast::client::exception::IllegalArgumentExceptionRaised when an illegal argument is passed to Hazelcast API
| oChazelcast::client::exception::IllegalStateExceptionRaised when method is called in a illegal state
| oChazelcast::client::exception::InstanceNotActiveExceptionThrown when HazelcastInstance is not active during an invocation
| oChazelcast::client::exception::InterruptedExceptionSome of the Hazelcast operations may throw an InterruptedException if a user thread is interrupted while waiting a response
| oChazelcast::client::exception::IOExceptionRaised when an Input Output error is occurred
| oChazelcast::client::exception::TimeoutExceptionRaised when an operation is timed out
| oChazelcast::client::exception::UnexpectedMessageTypeExceptionIf the type expected by the message decoder is different from the received message type, this exception is thrown
| \Chazelcast::client::exception::UTFDataFormatExceptionRaised the string format is not correct according to UTF-8
oChazelcast::client::serialization::FieldDefinitionFieldDefinition defines name, type, index of a field
oChazelcast::client::GroupConfigContains the configuration for Hazelcast groups
oChazelcast::client::HazelcastClientHazelcast Client enables you to do all Hazelcast operations without being a member of the cluster
oChazelcast::client::serialization::IdentifiedDataSerializableClasses that will be used with hazelcast data structures like IMap, IQueue etc should either inherit from one of the following classes : Portable , IdentifiedDataSerializable or it should be custom serializable
|\Chazelcast::client::IList< E >Concurrent, distributed , client implementation of std::list
|\Chazelcast::client::IMap< K, V >Concurrent, distributed, observable and queryable map client
oChazelcast::client::InitialMembershipEventA event that is send when a InitialMembershipListener} registers itself on a Cluster
oChazelcast::client::InitialMembershipListenerThe InitializingMembershipListener is a MembershipListener that will first receives a InitialMembershipEvent when it is registered so it immediately knows which members are available
|\Chazelcast::client::IQueue< E >Concurrent, blocking, distributed, observable, client queue
|\Chazelcast::client::ISet< E >Concurrent, distributed client implementation of std::unordered_set
oChazelcast::client::ItemEvent< E >ItemEvent
oChazelcast::client::ItemEventTypeType of item event
oChazelcast::client::ItemListener< E >Item listener for IQueue, ISet and IList
|\Chazelcast::client::ITopic< E >Hazelcast provides distribution mechanism for publishing messages that are delivered to multiple subscribers which is also known as publish/subscribe (pub/sub) messaging model
oChazelcast::client::LifecycleEventEvent to be fired when lifecycle states are changed
oChazelcast::client::LifecycleListenerListener object for listening lifecycle events of hazelcast instance
oChazelcast::client::LoadBalancerLoadBalancer allows you to send operations to one of a number of endpoints(Members)
oChazelcast::client::MapEventMap events common contract
oChazelcast::client::MemberCluster member class
oChazelcast::client::MembershipEventMembership event fired when a new member is added to the cluster and/or when a member leaves the cluster
oChazelcast::client::MembershipListenerCluster membership listener
|\Chazelcast::client::MembershipAdapterAdapter for MembershipListener
|\Chazelcast::client::MultiMap< K, V >A specialized distributed map client whose keys can be associated with multiple values
oChazelcast::client::serialization::ObjectDataInputProvides deserialization methods for primitives types, arrays of primitive types Portable, IdentifiedDataSerializable and custom serializable types
oChazelcast::client::serialization::ObjectDataOutputProvides serialization methods for primitive types,a arrays of primitive types, Portable, IdentifiedDataSerializable and custom serializables
oChazelcast::client::serialization::PortableClasses that will be used with hazelcast data structures like IMap, IQueue etc should either inherit from one of the following classes : Portable , IdentifiedDataSerializable or it should be custom serializable
|oChazelcast::client::CredentialsCredentials is a container object for endpoint (Members and Clients) security attributes
|\Chazelcast::client::serialization::VersionedPortableVersionedPortable is an extension to Portable to support per class version instead of a global serialization version
oChazelcast::client::serialization::PortableReaderProvides a mean of reading portable fields from a binary in form of java primitives arrays of java primitives , nested portable fields and array of portable fields
oChazelcast::client::serialization::PortableWriterProvides a mean of writing portable fields to a binary in form of java primitives arrays of java primitives , nested portable fields and array of portable fields
|oChazelcast::client::IAtomicLongIAtomicLong is a distributed atomic long implementation
|oChazelcast::client::ICountDownLatchICountDownLatch is a backed-up distributed alternative to the java.util.concurrent.CountDownLatch java.util.concurrent.CountDownLatch
|oChazelcast::client::IdGeneratorCluster-wide unique id generator
|oChazelcast::client::ILockRe-entrant Lock, Distributed client implementation of Lock
|\Chazelcast::client::ISemaphoreISemaphore is a backed-up distributed alternative to the java.util.concurrent.Semaphore
oChazelcast::client::SerializationConfigSerializationConfig is used to
oChazelcast::client::serialization::SerializerBaseInternal Base class for Serializers
|\Chazelcast::client::serialization::Serializer< Serializable >Base class for custom serialization
oChazelcast::client::SocketC Sockets wrapper class
oChazelcast::client::SocketInterceptorBase class for socketInterceptor classes to inherit from
oChazelcast::client::socketPtrCompSocket Ptr compare method
|\Chazelcast::client::TransactionalList< E >Transactional implementation of IList
|\Chazelcast::client::TransactionalMap< K, V >Transactional implementation of IMap
|\Chazelcast::client::TransactionalMultiMap< K, V >Transactional implementation of MultiMap
|\Chazelcast::client::TransactionalQueue< E >Transactional implementation of IQueue
|\Chazelcast::client::TransactionalSet< E >Transactional implementation of ISet
oChazelcast::client::TransactionContextProvides a context to do transactional operations; so beginning/committing transactions, but also retrieving transactional data-structures like the TransactionalMap
oChazelcast::client::TransactionOptionsContains the configuration for a Hazelcast transaction
\Chazelcast::client::TransactionTypeTransaction type