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hazelcast::client::query::Predicate Class Reference

This is a merker class for Predicate classes. More...

#include <Predicate.h>

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- Public Member Functions inherited from hazelcast::client::serialization::IdentifiedDataSerializable
virtual ~IdentifiedDataSerializable ()
virtual int getFactoryId () const =0
virtual int getClassId () const =0
virtual void writeData (ObjectDataOutput &writer) const =0
 Defines how this class will be written. More...
virtual void readData (ObjectDataInput &reader)=0
 Defines how this class will be read. More...

Detailed Description

This is a merker class for Predicate classes.

All predicate classes shall extend this class. It is a pure IdentifiedDataSerializable interface. Making this Predicate interface disallows using any IdentifiedDataSerializable in places where Predicate is needed. This class also indicates that a Java implementation is required at the server side.

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