Interface ICollection<E>

  • Type Parameters:
    E - item
    All Superinterfaces:
    java.util.Collection<E>, DistributedObject, java.lang.Iterable<E>
    All Known Subinterfaces:
    IList<E>, IQueue<E>, ISet<E>

    public interface ICollection<E>
    extends java.util.Collection<E>, DistributedObject
    Concurrent, distributed, partitioned, listenable collection.
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        java.lang.String getName()
        Returns the name of this collection.
        Specified by:
        getName in interface DistributedObject
        the unique name for this object.
      • addItemListener

        java.util.UUID addItemListener​(@Nonnull
                                       ItemListener<E> listener,
                                       boolean includeValue)
        Adds an item listener for this collection. The listener will be notified of all collection add/remove events. Listeners are non-destructive: They are notified about changes in a collection, but they won't have any effect on the collection itself. This is particularly relevant for IQueue: A listener won't consume queue elements. It's not a replacement for Queue consumers.
        listener - the item listener
        includeValue - true if the updated item should be passed to the item listener, false otherwise
        returns the registration ID
      • removeItemListener

        boolean removeItemListener​(@Nonnull
                                   java.util.UUID registrationId)
        Removes the specified item listener. Returns silently if the specified listener was not added before.
        registrationId - ID of the listener registration
        true if the item listener is removed, false otherwise