Interface DistributedObject

    • Method Detail

      • getPartitionKey

        java.lang.String getPartitionKey()
        Returns the key of the partition that this DistributedObject is assigned to. The returned value only has meaning for a non-partitioned data structure like an IAtomicLong. For a partitioned data structure like an IMap, the returned value will not be null, but otherwise undefined.
        the partition key.
      • getServiceName

        java.lang.String getServiceName()
        Returns the service name for this object.
        the service name for this object.
      • destroy

        void destroy()
        Destroys this object cluster-wide. Clears and releases all resources for this object.
      • getDestroyContextForTenant

        default DestroyEventContext getDestroyContextForTenant()
        Returns a hook which can be used by tenant control implementation to clean up resources once a tenant is destroyed.

        This hook is used, for example, when a distributed object needs to clear any cached classes related to the destroyed tenant and to avoid class loader leaks and ClassNotFoundExceptions when the tenant is destroyed.

        destroy context, cannot be null