Class FileSinkBuilder<T>

Type Parameters:
T - type of the items the sink accepts

public final class FileSinkBuilder<T> extends Object
Jet 3.0
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    • toStringFn

      @Nonnull public FileSinkBuilder<T> toStringFn(@Nonnull FunctionEx<? super T,String> toStringFn)
      Sets the function which converts the item to its string representation. Each item is followed with a platform-specific line separator. Default value is Object.toString().

      The given function must be stateless and cooperative.

    • charset

      @Nonnull public FileSinkBuilder<T> charset(@Nonnull Charset charset)
      Sets the character set used to encode the files. Default value is StandardCharsets.UTF_8.
    • rollByDate

      @Nonnull public FileSinkBuilder<T> rollByDate(@Nullable String datePattern)
      Sets a date pattern that will be included in the file name. Each time the formatted current time changes a new file will be started. For example, if the datePattern is yyyy-MM-dd, a new file will be started every day.

      The rolling is based on system time, not on event time. By default, no rolling by date is done. If the system clock goes back, the outcome is unspecified and possibly corrupt.

      Jet 4.0
    • rollByFileSize

      @Nonnull public FileSinkBuilder<T> rollByFileSize(long maxFileSize)
      Enables rolling by file size. If the size after writing a batch of items exceeds the limit, a new file will be started. From this follows that the file will typically be larger than the given maximum.

      To disable rolling after certain size, pass DISABLE_ROLLING. This is the default value.

      Jet 4.0
    • exactlyOnce

      @Nonnull public FileSinkBuilder<T> exactlyOnce(boolean enable)
      Enables or disables the exactly-once behavior of the sink using two-phase commit of state snapshots. If enabled, the processing guarantee of the job must be set to exactly-once, otherwise the sink's guarantee will match that of the job. In other words, sink's guarantee cannot be higher than job's, but can be lower to avoid the additional overhead.

      See Sinks.filesBuilder(String) for more information.

      The default value is true.

      enable - If true, sink's guarantee will match the job guarantee. If false, sink's guarantee will be at-least-once even if job's is exactly-once
      this instance for fluent API
      Jet 4.0
    • build

      @Nonnull public Sink<T> build()
      Creates and returns the file Sink with the supplied components.