Interface StreamSource<T>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - the stream item type

    public interface StreamSource<T>
    An infinite source of data for a Jet pipeline. To aggregate the data from an infinite source, you must specify how to window it into finite subsets over which Jet will perform the aggregation.
    Jet 3.0
    See Also:
    source factory methods
    • Method Detail

      • name

        java.lang.String name()
        Returns a descriptive name of this source.
      • supportsNativeTimestamps

        boolean supportsNativeTimestamps()
        Returns true if this source supports native timestamps.
      • setPartitionIdleTimeout

        StreamSource<T> setPartitionIdleTimeout​(long timeoutMillis)
        Sets a timeout after which idle partitions will be excluded from watermark coalescing. That is, the source will advance the watermark based on events from other partitions and will ignore the idle partition. If all partitions are idle (or if the source only has one partition), the source will emit a special idle message and the downstream processor will exclude this processor from watermark coalescing.

        The default timeout is 60 seconds. Must be a positive number or 0 to disable the feature.

        timeoutMillis - the timeout in milliseconds or zero to disable.
        Jet 3.1