Package com.hazelcast.cache

package com.hazelcast.cache

This package contains the public API extension for Hazelcast JCache, the Hazelcast implementation of the JSR-107 commonly referred to as JCache.

  • Class
    An invocable function that allows applications to perform compound operations on a Cache.Entry atomically, according to the defined consistency of a Cache.
    Entry info for cache record.
    Hazelcast JCache implementation's internal event types.
    ICache specific EvictionPolicyComparator for comparing CacheEntryViews to be evicted.
    This exception class is thrown while creating CacheRecordStore instances but the cache config does not exist on the node to create the instance on.
    Cache statistics
    Utility class for various cache related operations to be used by our internal structure and end user.
    The event for the cache event journal.
    Contract point of Hazelcast cache manager implementations (client + server) based on CacheManager.
    Hazelcast implementation of JCache CachingProvider.
    Hazelcast provides overloads of the typical cache operations with a custom ExpiryPolicy parameter.
    This class provides a custom implementation of an ExpiryPolicy to react on all three types of policies: Create Access Update
    Member-side CachingProvider implementation.
    This ICache interface is the Cache extension offered by Hazelcast JCache.
    In addition to the standard set of JCache methods defined in the JSR 107 specification, Hazelcast provides additional operations to support a broader range of programing styles.