Uses of Package

Packages that use com.hazelcast.cluster
Contains classes/interfaces related to Client
This package contains some utility classes and the base implementations of the loadbalancer implementations
This package contains the cluster functionality.
This package contains several MemberSelector implementations.
This package contains classes to support the collection API.
Provides core API interfaces/classes.
Contains public APIs of CP Subsystem
Contains session abstractions of CP Subsystem
Hazelcast Jet is a distributed computation engine running on top of Hazelcast IMDG technology.
Jet's Core API.
Utilities for writing tests of Core API Processors.
This package contains logging functionality for Hazelcast.
Since Hazelcast has a zero dependency policy, Hazelcast provides a logging abstraction like commons logging, so that different logging frameworks like log4j, can be hooked in.
Contains Hazelcast map module classes.
Contains the partition logic for Hazelcast.
Classes for replicated map.
This package contains ScheduledExecutorService functionality for Hazelcast.
Provides interfaces/classes for Hazelcast security implementation.
This package contains the public SPI for vendors and users to implement their custom node / IP discovery strategy.
This package contains the public part of the integrators SPI and is meant for people that integrate Hazelcast into their own systems or frameworks and cannot use the default discovery service implementation (for example using a different DiscoveryStrategy lookup strategy like OSGi).
Contains exceptions for Hazelcast SPI.
This package contains the basic SPI for the Partition Group SPI to define or configure how Hazelcast will configure and distribute backups in the cluster.
Contains classes related to cluster split brain protection.
Contains the API for the ITopic.