Uses of Interface

Packages that use ObjectDataInput
This package contains the public API extension for Hazelcast JCache, the Hazelcast implementation of the JSR-107 commonly referred to as JCache.
This package contains the cluster functionality.
Provides classes for configuring HazelcastInstance.
This package contains classes related to ConsoleApp
Hazelcast Jet is a distributed computation engine running on top of Hazelcast IMDG technology.
Jet's configuration data objects.
Jet's Core API.
Jet's Job Metric API.
Protocol Buffers v3 support for Hazelcast Jet.
Contains interfaces/classes related to serialization, such as serializer interfaces, input/output streams.
Contains the partition logic for Hazelcast.
Provides interfaces/classes for Hazelcast security implementation.
Provides interfaces/classes for Hazelcast transaction support.
This package contains classes to support the versioning API.