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Packages that use Combiner
com.hazelcast.mapreduce This package contains the MapReduce API definition for Hazelcast.
All map reduce operations running in a distributed manner inside the active Hazelcast cluster. 
com.hazelcast.mapreduce.impl.task This package contains the base implementation for a standard map reduce job. 

Uses of Combiner in com.hazelcast.mapreduce

Methods in com.hazelcast.mapreduce that return Combiner
 Combiner<ValueIn,ValueOut> CombinerFactory.newCombiner(KeyIn key)
          Build a new Combiner instance specific to the supplied key.

Uses of Combiner in com.hazelcast.mapreduce.impl.task

Methods in com.hazelcast.mapreduce.impl.task that return Combiner
 Combiner<ValueIn,?> DefaultContext.getOrCreateCombiner(KeyIn key)

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