Uses of Interface

Packages that use LocalMemoryStats Contains classes to provide data/operation interface for Management Center. 
com.hazelcast.monitor Contains Hazelcast statistics interfaces related to map, queue, topic, multimap, executor service etc. 
com.hazelcast.monitor.impl Contains Hazelcast statistics implementations related to map, queue, topic, multimap, executor service etc. 

Uses of LocalMemoryStats in

Methods in that return LocalMemoryStats
protected  LocalMemoryStats TimedMemberStateFactory.getMemoryStats()

Uses of LocalMemoryStats in com.hazelcast.monitor

Methods in com.hazelcast.monitor that return LocalMemoryStats
 LocalMemoryStats MemberState.getLocalMemoryStats()

Uses of LocalMemoryStats in com.hazelcast.monitor.impl

Classes in com.hazelcast.monitor.impl that implement LocalMemoryStats
 class LocalMemoryStatsImpl

Methods in com.hazelcast.monitor.impl that return LocalMemoryStats
 LocalMemoryStats MemberStateImpl.getLocalMemoryStats()

Methods in com.hazelcast.monitor.impl with parameters of type LocalMemoryStats
 void MemberStateImpl.setLocalMemoryStats(LocalMemoryStats memoryStats)

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