Class QueueEvictionProcessor

  extended by com.hazelcast.queue.impl.QueueEvictionProcessor
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class QueueEvictionProcessor
extends Object
implements ScheduledEntryProcessor<String,Void>

Eviction Processor for the Queue.

Constructor Summary
QueueEvictionProcessor(NodeEngine nodeEngine, QueueService service)
Method Summary
 void process(EntryTaskScheduler<String,Void> scheduler, Collection<ScheduledEntry<String,Void>> entries)
          Processes all entries.
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Constructor Detail


public QueueEvictionProcessor(NodeEngine nodeEngine,
                              QueueService service)
Method Detail


public void process(EntryTaskScheduler<String,Void> scheduler,
                    Collection<ScheduledEntry<String,Void>> entries)
Description copied from interface: ScheduledEntryProcessor
Processes all entries. Implementation has to handle the failures and can possibly reschedule it for a future time. Imagine you are implementing this for a dirty records. If mapStore.storeAll throws exception, you might want to reschedule the failed records.

Specified by:
process in interface ScheduledEntryProcessor<String,Void>

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