Uses of Interface

Packages that use CoreService
com.hazelcast.client.impl Contains most of the client side HazelcastInstance implementation functionality. 
com.hazelcast.cluster This package contains the cluster functionality.
com.hazelcast.cluster.impl This package contains the implementation of the cluster functionality.
com.hazelcast.partition Contains the partition logic for Hazelcast. 
com.hazelcast.partition.impl Contains the actual implementation of the InternalPartitionService
com.hazelcast.spi Provides interfaces/classes for Hazelcast SPI. 
com.hazelcast.spi.impl Contains implementations for Hazelcast SPI. 
com.hazelcast.wan This package contains the WAN replication API 
com.hazelcast.wan.impl This package contains the opensource implementation of WAN replication 

Uses of CoreService in com.hazelcast.client.impl

Classes in com.hazelcast.client.impl that implement CoreService
 class ClientEngineImpl
          Class that requests, listeners from client handled in node side.

Uses of CoreService in com.hazelcast.cluster

Subinterfaces of CoreService in com.hazelcast.cluster
 interface ClusterService
          A service responsible for member related functionality.

Uses of CoreService in com.hazelcast.cluster.impl

Classes in com.hazelcast.cluster.impl that implement CoreService
 class ClusterServiceImpl

Uses of CoreService in com.hazelcast.partition

Subinterfaces of CoreService in com.hazelcast.partition
 interface InternalPartitionService

Uses of CoreService in com.hazelcast.partition.impl

Classes in com.hazelcast.partition.impl that implement CoreService
 class InternalPartitionServiceImpl
          The InternalPartitionService implementation.

Uses of CoreService in com.hazelcast.spi

Subinterfaces of CoreService in com.hazelcast.spi
 interface ProxyService
          A CoreService responsible for managing the DistributedObject proxies.

Uses of CoreService in com.hazelcast.spi.impl

Classes in com.hazelcast.spi.impl that implement CoreService
 class ProxyServiceImpl

Uses of CoreService in com.hazelcast.wan

Subinterfaces of CoreService in com.hazelcast.wan
 interface WanReplicationService
          This is the WAN replications service API core interface.

Uses of CoreService in com.hazelcast.wan.impl

Classes in com.hazelcast.wan.impl that implement CoreService
 class WanReplicationServiceImpl
          Open source implementation of the WanReplicationService

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