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Packages that use AddressUtil.AddressMatcher
com.hazelcast.util This package contains classes to support the inner workings of Hazelcast as well as some backports of newer Java features / data structures to support older Java versions in a clean and nice way. 

Uses of AddressUtil.AddressMatcher in com.hazelcast.util

Methods in com.hazelcast.util that return AddressUtil.AddressMatcher
static AddressUtil.AddressMatcher AddressUtil.getAddressMatcher(String address)
          Gets an AddressMatcher for a given addresses.

Methods in com.hazelcast.util with parameters of type AddressUtil.AddressMatcher
static Collection<String> AddressUtil.getMatchingIpv4Addresses(AddressUtil.AddressMatcher addressMatcher)
abstract  boolean AddressUtil.AddressMatcher.match(AddressUtil.AddressMatcher matcher)

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