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Packages that use ConcurrentReferenceHashMap.SimpleEntry
com.hazelcast.cache.impl.record Hazelcast JSR-107 aka JCache implementation Internal record store 
com.hazelcast.util This package contains classes to support the inner workings of Hazelcast as well as some backports of newer Java features / data structures to support older Java versions in a clean and nice way. 

Uses of ConcurrentReferenceHashMap.SimpleEntry in com.hazelcast.cache.impl.record

Subclasses of ConcurrentReferenceHashMap.SimpleEntry in com.hazelcast.cache.impl.record
 class CacheRecordHashMap.EvictableSamplingEntry

Uses of ConcurrentReferenceHashMap.SimpleEntry in com.hazelcast.util

Subclasses of ConcurrentReferenceHashMap.SimpleEntry in com.hazelcast.util
protected  class ConcurrentReferenceHashMap.WriteThroughEntry
          Custom Entry class used by, that relays setValue changes to the underlying map.
 class SampleableConcurrentHashMap.IterableSamplingEntry
          Iterable sampling entry to preventing from extra object creation for iteration.
 class SampleableConcurrentHashMap.SamplingEntry
          Entry to define keys and values for sampling.

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