This manual is for an old version of Hazelcast Jet, use the latest stable version.

This chapter explains how to start using Hazelcast Jet. It also describes the executable files in the downloaded distribution package.


Hazelcast Jet requires a minimum JDK version of 8.

Using Maven and Gradle

The easiest way to start using Hazelcast Jet is to add it as a dependency to your project.

You can find Hazelcast Jet in Maven repositories. Add the following lines to your pom.xml:


If you prefer to use Gradle, execute the following command:

compile 'com.hazelcast.jet:hazelcast-jet:0.3'


Alternatively, you can download the latest distribution package for Hazelcast Jet and add the hazelcast-jet-<version>.jar file to your classpath.

Distribution Package

The distribution package contains the following scripts to help you get started with Hazelcast Jet:

  • bin/ and bin/start.bat start a new Jet member in the current directory.
  • bin/ and bin/stop.bat stop the member started in the current directory.
  • bin/ provides basic functionality for Hazelcast cluster manager, such as changing the cluster state, shutting down the cluster or forcing the cluster to clean its persisted data.

NoteNOTE: / start.bat scripts lets you start one Jet member per folder. To start a new instance, please unzip the package in a new folder.