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Packages that use LocalMapStats
com.hazelcast.client.proxy This package contains client side proxy implementations of the different Hazelcast data structures and operation types 
com.hazelcast.core Provides core API interfaces/classes. 
com.hazelcast.monitor Contains Hazelcast statistics interfaces related to map, queue, topic, multimap, executor service etc. 
com.hazelcast.monitor.impl Contains Hazelcast statistics implementations related to map, queue, topic, multimap, executor service etc. 
com.hazelcast.multimap.impl Contains classes for Hazelcast MultiMap module. 

Uses of LocalMapStats in com.hazelcast.client.proxy

Methods in com.hazelcast.client.proxy that return LocalMapStats
 LocalMapStats ClientMapProxy.getLocalMapStats()

Uses of LocalMapStats in com.hazelcast.core

Methods in com.hazelcast.core that return LocalMapStats
 LocalMapStats IMap.getLocalMapStats()
          Returns LocalMapStats for this map.

Uses of LocalMapStats in com.hazelcast.monitor

Subinterfaces of LocalMapStats in com.hazelcast.monitor
 interface LocalMultiMapStats
 interface LocalReplicatedMapStats

Methods in com.hazelcast.monitor that return LocalMapStats
 LocalMapStats MemberState.getLocalMapStats(String mapName)

Uses of LocalMapStats in com.hazelcast.monitor.impl

Classes in com.hazelcast.monitor.impl that implement LocalMapStats
 class LocalMapStatsImpl
          Default implementation of LocalMapStats
 class LocalMultiMapStatsImpl
 class LocalReplicatedMapStatsImpl
          This class collects statistics about the replication map usage for management center and is able to transform those between wire format and instance view

Methods in com.hazelcast.monitor.impl that return LocalMapStats
 LocalMapStats MemberStateImpl.getLocalMapStats(String mapName)

Uses of LocalMapStats in com.hazelcast.multimap.impl

Methods in com.hazelcast.multimap.impl that return LocalMapStats
 LocalMapStats MultiMapService.createStats(String name)

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