Uses of Interface

Packages that use SocketInterceptor
com.hazelcast.client Contains classes/interfaces related to Client 
com.hazelcast.client.impl Contains most of the client side HazelcastInstance implementation functionality. 
com.hazelcast.nio This package contains classes related to New IO

Uses of SocketInterceptor in com.hazelcast.client

Methods in com.hazelcast.client that return SocketInterceptor
 SocketInterceptor ClientExtension.getSocketInterceptor()
          Returns SocketInterceptor for this client if available, otherwise returns null.

Uses of SocketInterceptor in com.hazelcast.client.impl

Methods in com.hazelcast.client.impl that return SocketInterceptor
 SocketInterceptor DefaultClientExtension.getSocketInterceptor()

Uses of SocketInterceptor in com.hazelcast.nio

Subinterfaces of SocketInterceptor in com.hazelcast.nio
 interface MemberSocketInterceptor
          Member Socket Interceptor can be registered via see SocketInterceptorConfig

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