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Packages that use Notifier
com.hazelcast.concurrent.countdownlatch.operations This package contains the operations on the ICountDownLatch.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.lock.operations This package contains the operations on the ILock.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.semaphore.operations This package contains the operations on the ISemaphore. Contains implementation classes for TransactionalMap 
com.hazelcast.multimap.impl.txn This package contains the Transaction behavior for the Multimap.
com.hazelcast.queue.impl.operations This package contains the IQueue operations
com.hazelcast.queue.impl.tx This package contains the Transaction behavior for the IQueue.
com.hazelcast.spi Provides interfaces/classes for Hazelcast SPI. 

Uses of Notifier in com.hazelcast.concurrent.countdownlatch.operations

Classes in com.hazelcast.concurrent.countdownlatch.operations that implement Notifier
 class CountDownOperation

Uses of Notifier in com.hazelcast.concurrent.lock.operations

Classes in com.hazelcast.concurrent.lock.operations that implement Notifier
 class BeforeAwaitOperation
 class LocalLockCleanupOperation
 class UnlockIfLeaseExpiredOperation
 class UnlockOperation

Uses of Notifier in com.hazelcast.concurrent.semaphore.operations

Classes in com.hazelcast.concurrent.semaphore.operations that implement Notifier
 class ReleaseOperation
 class SemaphoreDeadMemberOperation

Uses of Notifier in

Subinterfaces of Notifier in
 interface MapTxnOperation
          Transactional operation interface for IMap

Classes in that implement Notifier
 class TxnDeleteOperation
          Transactional delete operation
 class TxnSetOperation
          An operation to unlock and set (key,value) on the partition .
 class TxnUnlockOperation
          An operation to unlock key on the partition owner.

Uses of Notifier in com.hazelcast.multimap.impl.txn

Classes in com.hazelcast.multimap.impl.txn that implement Notifier
 class TxnCommitOperation

Uses of Notifier in com.hazelcast.queue.impl.operations

Classes in com.hazelcast.queue.impl.operations that implement Notifier
 class AddAllOperation
          Add collection items to the Queue.
 class ClearOperation
          Clears items stored by Queue.
 class CompareAndRemoveOperation
          This class triggers iterator and if find same item in the Queue, remove this item.
 class DrainOperation
          This class drain items according to drain condition.
 class OfferOperation
          Contains offer operation for the Queue.
 class PollOperation
          Pool operation for Queue.
 class RemoveOperation
          Remove operation for the Queue.

Uses of Notifier in com.hazelcast.queue.impl.tx

Classes in com.hazelcast.queue.impl.tx that implement Notifier
 class TxnOfferOperation
          Offer operation for the Transactional Queue.
 class TxnPollOperation
          Poll operation for the transactional queue.
 class TxnRollbackOperation
          Rollback operation for the transactional queue.

Uses of Notifier in com.hazelcast.spi

Methods in com.hazelcast.spi with parameters of type Notifier
 void WaitNotifyService.notify(Notifier notifier)
          Notifies the waiting WaitSupport operation to wake-up and continue executing.

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