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Packages that use WaitSupport
com.hazelcast.concurrent.countdownlatch.operations This package contains the operations on the ICountDownLatch.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.lock.operations This package contains the operations on the ILock.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.semaphore.operations This package contains the operations on the ISemaphore. Package for map operations. Contains implementation classes for TransactionalMap 
com.hazelcast.multimap.impl.operations Contains operations for Hazelcast MultiMap module. 
com.hazelcast.multimap.impl.txn This package contains the Transaction behavior for the Multimap.
com.hazelcast.queue.impl.operations This package contains the IQueue operations
com.hazelcast.queue.impl.tx This package contains the Transaction behavior for the IQueue.
com.hazelcast.spi Provides interfaces/classes for Hazelcast SPI. 

Uses of WaitSupport in com.hazelcast.concurrent.countdownlatch.operations

Classes in com.hazelcast.concurrent.countdownlatch.operations that implement WaitSupport
 class AwaitOperation

Uses of WaitSupport in com.hazelcast.concurrent.lock.operations

Classes in com.hazelcast.concurrent.lock.operations that implement WaitSupport
 class LockOperation

Uses of WaitSupport in com.hazelcast.concurrent.semaphore.operations

Classes in com.hazelcast.concurrent.semaphore.operations that implement WaitSupport
 class AcquireOperation

Uses of WaitSupport in

Classes in that implement WaitSupport
 class BasePutOperation
 class BaseRemoveOperation
 class ContainsKeyOperation
 class DeleteOperation
 class EntryOperation
          GOTCHA : This operation LOADS missing keys from map-store, in contrast with PartitionWideEntryOperation.
 class EvictOperation
 class GetEntryViewOperation
 class GetOperation
 class LockAwareOperation
 class MergeOperation
 class PutIfAbsentOperation
 class PutTransientOperation
 class RemoveIfSameOperation
 class ReplaceIfSameOperation
 class ReplaceOperation
 class SetOperation
 class TryPutOperation
 class TryRemoveOperation
 class WanOriginatedDeleteOperation

Uses of WaitSupport in

Classes in that implement WaitSupport
 class TxnDeleteOperation
          Transactional delete operation
 class TxnSetOperation
          An operation to unlock and set (key,value) on the partition .
 class TxnUnlockOperation
          An operation to unlock key on the partition owner.

Uses of WaitSupport in com.hazelcast.multimap.impl.operations

Classes in com.hazelcast.multimap.impl.operations that implement WaitSupport
 class ContainsEntryOperation
 class CountOperation
 class GetAllOperation
 class MultiMapBackupAwareOperation
 class PutOperation
 class RemoveAllOperation
 class RemoveOperation

Uses of WaitSupport in com.hazelcast.multimap.impl.txn

Classes in com.hazelcast.multimap.impl.txn that implement WaitSupport
 class TxnCommitOperation
 class TxnLockAndGetOperation
 class TxnPrepareOperation
 class TxnRollbackOperation

Uses of WaitSupport in com.hazelcast.queue.impl.operations

Classes in com.hazelcast.queue.impl.operations that implement WaitSupport
 class OfferOperation
          Contains offer operation for the Queue.
 class PollOperation
          Pool operation for Queue.

Uses of WaitSupport in com.hazelcast.queue.impl.tx

Classes in com.hazelcast.queue.impl.tx that implement WaitSupport
 class TxnReserveOfferOperation
          Reserve offer operation for the transactional queue.
 class TxnReservePollOperation
          Reserve poll operation for the transactional queue.

Uses of WaitSupport in com.hazelcast.spi

Methods in com.hazelcast.spi with parameters of type WaitSupport
 void WaitNotifyService.await(WaitSupport waitSupport)
          Causes the current operation to wait in WaitNotifyService until it is notified by a Notifier operation or timeout specified by getWaitTimeout() passes.

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