Interface MergingEntry<K,V>

Type Parameters:
K - the type of the key
V - the type of the value
All Superinterfaces:
MergingValue<V>, MergingView
All Known Subinterfaces:
SplitBrainMergeTypes.CacheMergeTypes<K,V>, SplitBrainMergeTypes.CardinalityEstimatorMergeTypes, SplitBrainMergeTypes.MapMergeTypes<K,V>, SplitBrainMergeTypes.MultiMapMergeTypes<K,V>, SplitBrainMergeTypes.ReplicatedMapMergeTypes<K,V>, SplitBrainMergeTypes.ScheduledExecutorMergeTypes

public interface MergingEntry<K,V> extends MergingValue<V>
Represents a read-only view of a data structure key/value-pair for the merging process after a split-brain.
  • Method Details

    • getKey

      K getKey()
      Returns the deserialized merging key.
      the deserialized merging key
    • getRawKey

      Object getRawKey()
      Returns the merging key in the in-memory format of the backing data structure.
      the merging key