Uses of Package

Packages that use com.hazelcast.core
This package contains the public API extension for Hazelcast JCache, the Hazelcast implementation of the JSR-107 commonly referred to as JCache.
This package contains Cardinality Estimator functionality for Hazelcast.
Contains classes/interfaces related to Client
Contains classes related to config for com.hazelcast.client
This package contains some utility classes and the base implementations of the loadbalancer implementations
This package contains classes to support the collection API.
Provides classes for configuring HazelcastInstance.
This package contains the public API for properties defined in the XML configuration.
This package contains classes related to ConsoleApp
Provides core API interfaces/classes.
Contains public APIs of CP Subsystem
Contains exceptions that can be thrown by APIs of CP Subsystem
Contains locking APIs of CP Subsystem
Contains exception classes related to the locking API of CP Subsystem
This package contains the common classes for CRDT (conflict-free replicated data type) implementations based on the Hazelcast infrastructure.
This package contains the PN (Positive-Negative) CRDT counter interface.
This package contains code handling data connections.
This package contains DurableExecutorService functionality for Hazelcast.
The DurableExecutorService extends the ExecutorService and provides additional methods like executing tasks on a member who is owner of a specific key.
This package contains Flake ID Generator functionality for Hazelcast.
Hazelcast Jet is a distributed computation engine running on top of Hazelcast IMDG technology.
Jet's Core API.
Utilities for writing tests of Core API Processors.
Utility classes for JSON parsing and serialization.
Contains Hazelcast map module classes.
Contains various MapListener interfaces.
Implementation of MapStore interface based on Hazelcast SQL engine
Contains the API for the MultiMap.
Contains interfaces/classes related to serialization, such as serializer interfaces, input/output streams.
This package contains the OSGI functionality contract points for Hazelcast.
Contains the partition logic for Hazelcast.
Contains interfaces/classes related to Hazelcast query and indexing support.
Classes for replicated map.
Contains the API for the Ringbuffer.
This package contains ScheduledExecutorService functionality for Hazelcast.
Provides interfaces/classes for Hazelcast security implementation.
Contains exceptions for Hazelcast SPI.
Contains classes related to cluster split brain protection.
Contains Hazelcast cache classes related to Spring.
Contains context classes for Spring.
Contains Hazelcast transaction classes for Spring Transaction API.
This package contains the SQL API.
Contains the API for the ITopic.
Provides interfaces/classes for Hazelcast transaction support.
This package contains the WAN replication API