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Packages that use ClientRequest
com.hazelcast.cache.impl.client Hazelcast JSR-107 aka JCache implementation Client Requests 
com.hazelcast.client.connection Provides connection interfaces/classes for com.hazelcast.client 
com.hazelcast.client.connection.nio Contains classes related to New IO for com.hazelcast.client.connection 
com.hazelcast.client.impl.client This contains the Requests and other DTO's exchanged between client/server 
com.hazelcast.client.proxy This package contains client side proxy implementations of the different Hazelcast data structures and operation types 
com.hazelcast.client.spi Contains classes/interfaces related to Service Provider Interface such as ClientProxy , ClientClusterService 
com.hazelcast.client.spi.impl Provides util classes for com.hazelcast.client 
com.hazelcast.cluster.client This package contains the client cluster functionality.
com.hazelcast.collection.client This package contains client functionality for Collections in Hazelcast.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomiclong.client This package contains client requests for the IAtomicLong.
This package contains all the client request object to operate on the IAtomicLong that are send by the client. 
com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomicreference.client This package contains client requests for the IAtomicLong.
This package contains all the client request object to operate on the IAtomicLong that are send by the client. 
com.hazelcast.concurrent.countdownlatch.client This package contains client requests for the ICountDownLatch.
This package contains all the client requests object to operate on the ICountDownLatch that are send by the client. 
com.hazelcast.concurrent.lock.client This package contains client requests for the ILock.
This package contains all the client requests object to operate on the ILock that are send by the client. 
com.hazelcast.concurrent.semaphore.client This package contains client requests for the ISemaphore.
com.hazelcast.executor.impl.client This package contains client requests for the IExecutorService. Contains client requests for the IMap 
com.hazelcast.mapreduce.impl.client This package contains request and response classes for communication between cluster members and Hazelcast native clients 
com.hazelcast.multimap.impl.client Contains client requests for Hazelcast MultiMap module. 
com.hazelcast.partition.client Contains client functionality for partition related information. 
com.hazelcast.queue.impl.client This package contains client requests for the IQueue.
com.hazelcast.replicatedmap.impl.client This package contains classes for client communication on replicated map implementation 
com.hazelcast.topic.impl.client This package contains client requests for the ITopic.
com.hazelcast.transaction.client This package contains client transaction code 

Uses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.cache.impl.client

Subclasses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.cache.impl.client
 class AbstractCacheRequest
          Abstract cache request to handle a completion id registration.
 class CacheAddEntryListenerRequest
          Client request which registers an event listener on behalf of the client and delegates the received events back to client.
 class CacheClearRequest
          This client request specifically calls CacheClearOperationFactory on the server side.
 class CacheContainsKeyRequest
          This client request specifically calls CacheContainsKeyOperation on the server side.
 class CacheCreateConfigRequest
          This client request specifically calls CacheCreateConfigOperation on the server side.
 class CacheDestroyRequest
          This client request specifically calls CacheDestroyOperation on the server side.
 class CacheEntryProcessorRequest
          This client request specifically calls CacheEntryProcessorOperation on the server side.
 class CacheGetAllRequest
          This client request specifically calls CacheGetAllOperationFactory on the server side.
 class CacheGetAndRemoveRequest
          This client request specifically calls CacheGetAndRemoveOperation on the server side.
 class CacheGetAndReplaceRequest
          This client request specifically calls CacheGetAndReplaceOperation on the server side.
 class CacheGetConfigRequest
          This client request specifically calls CacheGetConfigOperation on the server side.
 class CacheGetRequest
          This client request specifically calls CacheGetOperation on the server side.
 class CacheIterateRequest
          This client request specifically calls CacheKeyIteratorOperation on the server side.
 class CacheListenerRegistrationRequest
          This client request specifically calls CacheListenerRegistrationOperation on the server side.
 class CacheLoadAllRequest
          This client request specifically calls CacheLoadAllOperationFactory on the server side.
 class CacheManagementConfigRequest
          This client request specifically calls CacheManagementConfigOperation on the server side.
 class CachePutIfAbsentRequest
          This client request specifically calls CachePutIfAbsentOperation on the server side.
 class CachePutRequest
          This client request specifically calls CachePutOperation on the server side.
 class CacheRemoveEntryListenerRequest
          Client request which unregisters the event listener on behalf of the client.
 class CacheRemoveRequest
          This client request specifically calls CacheRemoveOperation on the server side.
 class CacheReplaceRequest
          This client request specifically calls CacheReplaceOperation on the server side.
 class CacheSizeRequest
          This client request specifically calls CacheSizeOperationFactory on the server side.

Uses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.client.connection

Methods in com.hazelcast.client.connection with parameters of type ClientRequest
 Object ClientConnectionManager.sendAndReceive(ClientRequest request, ClientConnection connection)
          Sends request and waits for response

Uses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.client.connection.nio

Methods in com.hazelcast.client.connection.nio with parameters of type ClientRequest
 Object ClientConnectionManagerImpl.sendAndReceive(ClientRequest request, ClientConnection connection)

Uses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.client.impl.client

Subclasses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.client.impl.client
 class AllPartitionsClientRequest
          Base class for client request that will run on all partitions.
 class AuthenticationRequest
          Client Authentication Request that holds credentials
 class BaseClientRemoveListenerRequest
 class CallableClientRequest
 class ClientCreateRequest
 class ClientDestroyRequest
 class DistributedObjectListenerRequest
 class GetDistributedObjectsRequest
 class InvocationClientRequest
 class KeyBasedClientRequest
 class MultiPartitionClientRequest
 class MultiTargetClientRequest
          Base class for client request that will be send more than one member
 class PartitionClientRequest
          Base class for partition based client request.
 class RemoveAllListeners
          When a connection does not respond to heart-beat we switch the listeners to another endpoint If somehow connection starts to respond heart-beat we need to signal the endpoint to remove the listeners
 class RemoveDistributedObjectListenerRequest
          Client request to add a distributed object listener to a remote node.
 class TargetClientRequest

Uses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.client.proxy

Methods in com.hazelcast.client.proxy with parameters of type ClientRequest
<T> T
ClientLockProxy.invoke(ClientRequest req)
<T> T
ClientCountDownLatchProxy.invoke(ClientRequest req)
<T> T
ClientConditionProxy.invoke(ClientRequest req)
<T> T
ClientSemaphoreProxy.invoke(ClientRequest req)
<T> T
AbstractClientCollectionProxy.invoke(ClientRequest req)
<T> T
ClientQueueProxy.invoke(ClientRequest req)
<T> T
ClientAtomicLongProxy.invoke(ClientRequest req)
<T> T
ClientAtomicReferenceProxy.invoke(ClientRequest req)
<T> T
ClientTopicProxy.invoke(ClientRequest req)
<T> T
ClientQueueProxy.invokeInterruptibly(ClientRequest req)

Uses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.client.spi

Methods in com.hazelcast.client.spi with parameters of type ClientRequest
<T> T
ClientProxy.invoke(ClientRequest req)
<T> T
ClientProxy.invoke(ClientRequest req, Address address)
<T> T
ClientProxy.invoke(ClientRequest req, Object key)
<T> T
ClientProxy.invokeInterruptibly(ClientRequest req, Object key)
<T> ICompletableFuture<T>
ClientInvocationService.invokeOnKeyOwner(ClientRequest request, Object key)
<T> ICompletableFuture<T>
ClientInvocationService.invokeOnKeyOwner(ClientRequest request, Object key, EventHandler handler)
<T> ICompletableFuture<T>
ClientInvocationService.invokeOnPartitionOwner(ClientRequest request, int partitionId)
<T> ICompletableFuture<T>
ClientInvocationService.invokeOnRandomTarget(ClientRequest request)
<T> ICompletableFuture<T>
ClientInvocationService.invokeOnRandomTarget(ClientRequest request, EventHandler handler)
<T> ICompletableFuture<T>
ClientInvocationService.invokeOnTarget(ClientRequest request, Address target)
<T> ICompletableFuture<T>
ClientInvocationService.invokeOnTarget(ClientRequest request, Address target, EventHandler handler)
protected  String ClientProxy.listen(ClientRequest registrationRequest, EventHandler handler)
 String ClientListenerService.listen(ClientRequest request, Object key, EventHandler handler)
protected  String ClientProxy.listen(ClientRequest registrationRequest, Object partitionKey, EventHandler handler)

Uses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.client.spi.impl

Methods in com.hazelcast.client.spi.impl that return ClientRequest
 ClientRequest ClientCallFuture.getRequest()

Methods in com.hazelcast.client.spi.impl with parameters of type ClientRequest
<T> ICompletableFuture<T>
ClientInvocationServiceImpl.invokeOnKeyOwner(ClientRequest request, Object key)
<T> ICompletableFuture<T>
ClientInvocationServiceImpl.invokeOnKeyOwner(ClientRequest request, Object key, EventHandler handler)
<T> ICompletableFuture<T>
ClientInvocationServiceImpl.invokeOnPartitionOwner(ClientRequest request, int partitionId)
<T> ICompletableFuture<T>
ClientInvocationServiceImpl.invokeOnRandomTarget(ClientRequest request)
<T> ICompletableFuture<T>
ClientInvocationServiceImpl.invokeOnRandomTarget(ClientRequest request, EventHandler handler)
<T> ICompletableFuture<T>
ClientInvocationServiceImpl.invokeOnTarget(ClientRequest request, Address target)
<T> ICompletableFuture<T>
ClientInvocationServiceImpl.invokeOnTarget(ClientRequest request, Address target, EventHandler handler)
 String ClientListenerServiceImpl.listen(ClientRequest request, Object key, EventHandler handler)
 ICompletableFuture ClientInvocationServiceImpl.send(ClientRequest request, ClientConnection connection)

Constructors in com.hazelcast.client.spi.impl with parameters of type ClientRequest
ClientCallFuture(HazelcastClientInstanceImpl client, ClientRequest request, EventHandler handler)

Uses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.cluster.client

Subclasses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.cluster.client
 class AddMembershipListenerRequest
 class ClientPingRequest

Uses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.collection.client

Subclasses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.collection.client
 class CollectionAddAllRequest
 class CollectionAddListenerRequest
          this class is used to attach a listener to node for collections
 class CollectionAddRequest
 class CollectionClearRequest
 class CollectionCompareAndRemoveRequest
 class CollectionContainsRequest
 class CollectionGetAllRequest
 class CollectionIsEmptyRequest
 class CollectionRemoveListenerRequest
 class CollectionRemoveRequest
 class CollectionRequest
 class CollectionSizeRequest
 class ListAddAllRequest
 class ListAddRequest
 class ListGetRequest
 class ListIndexOfRequest
 class ListRemoveRequest
 class ListSetRequest
 class ListSubRequest
 class TxnCollectionRequest
 class TxnListAddRequest
 class TxnListRemoveRequest
 class TxnListSizeRequest
 class TxnSetAddRequest
 class TxnSetRemoveRequest
 class TxnSetSizeRequest

Uses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomiclong.client

Subclasses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomiclong.client
 class AddAndGetRequest
 class AtomicLongRequest
 class CompareAndSetRequest
 class GetAndAddRequest
 class GetAndSetRequest
 class SetRequest

Uses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomicreference.client

Subclasses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomicreference.client
 class AbstractAlterRequest
 class AlterAndGetRequest
 class AlterRequest
 class ApplyRequest
 class GetAndAlterRequest
 class GetRequest
 class IsNullRequest
 class ModifyRequest
 class ReadRequest

Uses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.concurrent.countdownlatch.client

Subclasses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.concurrent.countdownlatch.client
 class AwaitRequest
 class CountDownRequest
 class GetCountRequest
 class SetCountRequest

Uses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.concurrent.lock.client

Subclasses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.concurrent.lock.client
 class AbstractIsLockedRequest
 class AbstractLockRequest
 class AbstractUnlockRequest
 class BeforeAwaitRequest
 class GetLockCountRequest
 class GetRemainingLeaseRequest
 class IsLockedRequest
 class LockRequest
 class SignalRequest
 class UnlockRequest

Uses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.concurrent.semaphore.client

Subclasses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.concurrent.semaphore.client
 class AcquireRequest
 class AvailableRequest
 class InitRequest
 class ReduceRequest
 class ReleaseRequest
 class SemaphoreRequest

Uses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.executor.impl.client

Subclasses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.executor.impl.client
 class CancellationRequest
 class IsShutdownRequest
 class PartitionCallableRequest
          This class is used for sending the task to a particular partition
 class ShutdownRequest
 class TargetCallableRequest
          This class is used for sending the task to a particular target

Uses of ClientRequest in

Subclasses of ClientRequest in
 class AbstractMapAddEntryListenerRequest
          Base class for adding entry listener to map
 class AbstractTxnMapRequest
 class MapAddEntryListenerRequest
 class MapAddEntryListenerSqlRequest
 class MapAddIndexRequest
 class MapAddInterceptorRequest
 class MapAddNearCacheEntryListenerRequest
          Request for adding EntryListener for near cache operations.
 class MapClearRequest
 class MapContainsKeyRequest
 class MapContainsValueRequest
 class MapDeleteRequest
 class MapEntrySetRequest
 class MapEvictAllRequest
          Evict all entries request used by clients.
 class MapEvictRequest
 class MapExecuteOnAllKeysRequest
 class MapExecuteOnKeyRequest
 class MapExecuteOnKeysRequest
 class MapExecuteWithPredicateRequest
 class MapFlushRequest
 class MapGetAllRequest
 class MapGetEntryViewRequest
 class MapGetRequest
 class MapIsEmptyRequest
 class MapIsLockedRequest
 class MapKeySetRequest
 class MapLoadAllKeysRequest
          Triggers the load of all keys from defined map store.
 class MapLoadGivenKeysRequest
          Loads all given keys from a map store.
 class MapLockRequest
 class MapPutAllRequest
 class MapPutIfAbsentRequest
 class MapPutRequest
 class MapPutTransientRequest
 class MapQueryRequest
 class MapRemoveEntryListenerRequest
 class MapRemoveIfSameRequest
 class MapRemoveInterceptorRequest
 class MapRemoveRequest
 class MapReplaceIfSameRequest
 class MapReplaceRequest
 class MapSetRequest
 class MapSizeRequest
 class MapSQLQueryRequest
 class MapTryPutRequest
 class MapTryRemoveRequest
 class MapUnlockRequest
 class MapValuesRequest
 class TxnMapRequest
 class TxnMapRequestWithSQLQuery
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Uses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.mapreduce.impl.client

Subclasses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.mapreduce.impl.client
 class ClientCancellationRequest
          This class is used to request a map reduce job cancellation on the job owning node from the emitting client.
 class ClientJobProcessInformationRequest
          This class is used to retrieve current processed records and other statistics from emitting client to the job owning node.
 class ClientMapReduceRequest<KeyIn,ValueIn>
          This class is used to prepare and start a map reduce job emitted by a client on a random node in the cluster (making it the job owner).

Uses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.multimap.impl.client

Subclasses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.multimap.impl.client
 class AddEntryListenerRequest
 class ClearRequest
 class ContainsRequest
          The contains requests checks if a value is stored in the multimap.
 class CountRequest
 class EntrySetRequest
 class GetAllRequest
 class KeyBasedContainsRequest
          The KeyBasedContainsRequest can be used to determine if a key is available in a multimap (when value is null), or to check if a map-entry is stored in the multimap (value not null).
 class KeySetRequest
 class MultiMapAllPartitionRequest
 class MultiMapIsLockedRequest
 class MultiMapKeyBasedRequest
 class MultiMapLockRequest
 class MultiMapRequest
 class MultiMapUnlockRequest
 class PutRequest
 class RemoveAllRequest
 class RemoveEntryListenerRequest
 class RemoveRequest
 class SizeRequest
 class TxnMultiMapGetRequest
 class TxnMultiMapPutRequest
 class TxnMultiMapRemoveAllRequest
 class TxnMultiMapRemoveRequest
 class TxnMultiMapRequest
 class TxnMultiMapSizeRequest
 class TxnMultiMapValueCountRequest
 class ValuesRequest

Uses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.partition.client

Subclasses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.partition.client
 class GetPartitionsRequest

Uses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.queue.impl.client

Subclasses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.queue.impl.client
 class AddAllRequest
          Provides the request service for AddAllOperation
 class AddListenerRequest
          this class is used to attach a listener to targeted node which sends back the events to client for a queue
 class CompareAndRemoveRequest
          Provides the request service for CompareAndRemoveOperation
 class DrainRequest
          Provides the request service for DrainOperation
 class IsEmptyRequest
          Request to check if the Queue is empty
 class IteratorRequest
          Provides the request service for IteratorOperation
 class OfferRequest
          Provides the request service for OfferOperation
 class PeekRequest
          Provides the request service for PeekOperation
 class PollRequest
          Provides the request service for PollOperation
 class QueueRequest
          This class contains methods for all Queue requests such as ClearRequest.
 class RemainingCapacityRequest
          Request for remaining capacity of Queue.
 class RemoveListenerRequest
          Remove listener request belong to the Queue item.
 class TxnOfferRequest
          Request for transactional offer operation.
 class TxnPeekRequest
          Request for transactional peek operation.
 class TxnPollRequest
          Request for transactional poll operation.
 class TxnSizeRequest
          Request for size of the Transactional Queue.

Uses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.replicatedmap.impl.client

Subclasses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.replicatedmap.impl.client
 class AbstractReplicatedMapClientRequest
          Base class for all ReplicatedMap client request.
 class ClientReplicatedMapAddEntryListenerRequest
          Client request class for ReplicatedMap.addEntryListener(com.hazelcast.core.EntryListener) implementation
 class ClientReplicatedMapClearRequest
          Client request class for Map.clear() implementation
 class ClientReplicatedMapContainsKeyRequest
          Client request class for Map.containsKey(Object) implementation
 class ClientReplicatedMapContainsValueRequest
          Client request class for Map.containsValue(Object) implementation
 class ClientReplicatedMapEntrySetRequest
          Client request class for Map.entrySet() implementation
 class ClientReplicatedMapGetRequest
          Client request class for Map.get(Object) implementation
 class ClientReplicatedMapIsEmptyRequest
          Client request class for Map.isEmpty() implementation
 class ClientReplicatedMapKeySetRequest
          Client request class for Map.keySet() implementation
 class ClientReplicatedMapPutAllRequest
          Client request class for Map.putAll(java.util.Map) implementation
 class ClientReplicatedMapPutTtlRequest
          Client request class for ReplicatedMap.put(Object, Object, long, java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit) implementation
 class ClientReplicatedMapRemoveEntryListenerRequest
          Client request class for ReplicatedMap.removeEntryListener(String) implementation
 class ClientReplicatedMapRemoveRequest
          Client request class for Map.remove(Object) implementation
 class ClientReplicatedMapSizeRequest
          Client request class for Map.size() implementation
 class ClientReplicatedMapValuesRequest
          Client request class for Map.values() implementation

Uses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.topic.impl.client

Subclasses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.topic.impl.client
 class AddMessageListenerRequest
 class PublishRequest
 class RemoveMessageListenerRequest

Uses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.transaction.client

Subclasses of ClientRequest in com.hazelcast.transaction.client
 class BaseTransactionRequest
 class CommitTransactionRequest
 class CreateTransactionRequest
 class PrepareTransactionRequest
 class RecoverAllTransactionsRequest
 class RecoverTransactionRequest
 class RollbackTransactionRequest

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