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Packages that use MembershipEvent
com.hazelcast.client.util This package contains some utility classes and the base implementations of the loadbalancer implementations 
com.hazelcast.cluster.impl This package contains the implementation of the cluster functionality.
com.hazelcast.core Provides core API interfaces/classes. Contains classes to provide data/operation interface for Management Center. 
com.hazelcast.spi Provides interfaces/classes for Hazelcast SPI. 

Uses of MembershipEvent in com.hazelcast.client.util

Methods in com.hazelcast.client.util with parameters of type MembershipEvent
 void AbstractLoadBalancer.memberAdded(MembershipEvent membershipEvent)
 void AbstractLoadBalancer.memberRemoved(MembershipEvent membershipEvent)

Uses of MembershipEvent in com.hazelcast.cluster.impl

Methods in com.hazelcast.cluster.impl with parameters of type MembershipEvent
 void ClusterServiceImpl.dispatchEvent(MembershipEvent event, MembershipListener listener)

Uses of MembershipEvent in com.hazelcast.core

Subclasses of MembershipEvent in com.hazelcast.core
 class MemberAttributeEvent

Methods in com.hazelcast.core with parameters of type MembershipEvent
 void MembershipAdapter.memberAdded(MembershipEvent membershipEvent)
 void MembershipListener.memberAdded(MembershipEvent membershipEvent)
          Invoked when a new member is added to the cluster.
 void MembershipAdapter.memberRemoved(MembershipEvent membershipEvent)
 void MembershipListener.memberRemoved(MembershipEvent membershipEvent)
          Invoked when an existing member leaves the cluster.

Uses of MembershipEvent in

Methods in with parameters of type MembershipEvent
 void ManagementCenterService.MemberListenerImpl.memberAdded(MembershipEvent membershipEvent)
 void ManagementCenterService.MemberListenerImpl.memberRemoved(MembershipEvent membershipEvent)

Uses of MembershipEvent in com.hazelcast.spi

Subclasses of MembershipEvent in com.hazelcast.spi
 class MemberAttributeServiceEvent
          This service event is fired to inform services about a change in a member's attributes collection
 class MembershipServiceEvent
          Membership event fired when a new member is added to the cluster and/or when a member leaves the cluster.

Constructors in com.hazelcast.spi with parameters of type MembershipEvent
MembershipServiceEvent(MembershipEvent e)

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