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Packages that use MigrationAwareService
com.hazelcast.cache.impl Hazelcast JSR-107 aka JCache implementation 
com.hazelcast.collection This package contains classes related to Collections (IList,ISet etc..)
com.hazelcast.collection.list This package contains IList functionality for Hazelcast.
com.hazelcast.collection.set This package contains ISet functionality for Hazelcast.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomiclong This package contains IAtomicLong functionality for Hazelcast.
The IAtomicLong is the distributed version of the AtomicLong
com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomicreference This package contains IAtomicReferece functionality for Hazelcast.
The IAtomicReference is the distributed version of the AtomicReference
com.hazelcast.concurrent.countdownlatch This package contains ICountDownLatch functionality for Hazelcast.
The ICountDownLatch is the distributed version of the CountDownLatch
com.hazelcast.concurrent.lock This package contains Lock for Hazelcast.
The ILock is the distributed version of the Lock
com.hazelcast.concurrent.semaphore This package contains ISemaphore functionality for Hazelcast.
The ISemaphore is the distributed version of the Semaphore Contains implementation specific classes of package. 
com.hazelcast.multimap.impl Contains classes for Hazelcast MultiMap module. 
com.hazelcast.queue.impl This package contains the IQueue functionality.
The IQueue is the distributed version of the BlockingQueue

Uses of MigrationAwareService in com.hazelcast.cache.impl

Subinterfaces of MigrationAwareService in com.hazelcast.cache.impl
 interface ICacheService

Classes in com.hazelcast.cache.impl that implement MigrationAwareService
 class AbstractCacheService
 class CacheService
          Cache Service is the main access point of JCache implementation.

Uses of MigrationAwareService in com.hazelcast.collection

Classes in com.hazelcast.collection that implement MigrationAwareService
 class CollectionService

Uses of MigrationAwareService in com.hazelcast.collection.list

Classes in com.hazelcast.collection.list that implement MigrationAwareService
 class ListService

Uses of MigrationAwareService in com.hazelcast.collection.set

Classes in com.hazelcast.collection.set that implement MigrationAwareService
 class SetService

Uses of MigrationAwareService in com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomiclong

Classes in com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomiclong that implement MigrationAwareService
 class AtomicLongService

Uses of MigrationAwareService in com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomicreference

Classes in com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomicreference that implement MigrationAwareService
 class AtomicReferenceService

Uses of MigrationAwareService in com.hazelcast.concurrent.countdownlatch

Classes in com.hazelcast.concurrent.countdownlatch that implement MigrationAwareService
 class CountDownLatchService

Uses of MigrationAwareService in com.hazelcast.concurrent.lock

Classes in com.hazelcast.concurrent.lock that implement MigrationAwareService
 class LockServiceImpl

Uses of MigrationAwareService in com.hazelcast.concurrent.semaphore

Classes in com.hazelcast.concurrent.semaphore that implement MigrationAwareService
 class SemaphoreService

Uses of MigrationAwareService in

Classes in that implement MigrationAwareService
 class MapService
          Defines map service behavior.

Uses of MigrationAwareService in com.hazelcast.multimap.impl

Classes in com.hazelcast.multimap.impl that implement MigrationAwareService
 class MultiMapService

Uses of MigrationAwareService in com.hazelcast.queue.impl

Classes in com.hazelcast.queue.impl that implement MigrationAwareService
 class QueueService
          Provides important services via methods for the the Queue such as QueueEvictionProcessor

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