Advanced Configuration Properties

There are some advanced configuration properties to tune some aspects of Hazelcast. These can be set as property name and value pairs through declarative configuration, programmatic configuration or JVM system property.

Declarative Configuration

<hazelcast xsi:schemaLocation=""

    <property name="">value</property>

Programmatic Configuration

Config config = new Config() ;
config.setProperty( "", "value" );

System Property

  1. Using JVM parameter: java

  2. Using System class: System.setProperty( "", "value" );

Below table lists the advanced configuration properties with their descriptions.

Property Name Default Value Type Description SILENT string Health monitoring log level. When SILENT, logs are printed only when values exceed some predefined threshold. When NOISY, logs are always printed periodically. Set OFF to turn off completely. 30 int Health monitoring logging interval in seconds.
hazelcast.version.check.enabled true bool Enable Hazelcast new version check on startup.
hazelcast.prefer.ipv4.stack true bool Prefer Ipv4 network interface when picking a local address. 3 int Number of input and output threads.
hazelcast.operation.thread.count -1 int Number of partition based operation handler threads. -1 means CPU core count x 2.
hazelcast.operation.generic.thread.count -1 int Number of generic operation handler threads. -1 means CPU core count x 2.
hazelcast.event.thread.count 5 int Number of event handler threads.
hazelcast.event.queue.capacity 1000000 int Capacity of internal event queue.
hazelcast.event.queue.timeout.millis 250 int Timeout to enqueue events to event queue.
hazelcast.connect.all.wait.seconds 120 int Timeout to connect all other cluster members when a member is joining to a cluster.
hazelcast.memcache.enabled true bool Enable Memcache client request listener service. true bool Enable REST client request listener service. 1000 int Chunk size for MapLoader 's map initialization process (MapLoder.loadAllKeys()). 300 int Initial run delay of split brain/merge process in seconds. 120 int Run interval of split brain/merge process in seconds. 60000 int Timeout to wait for a response when a remote call is sent, in milliseconds.
hazelcast.socket.bind.any true bool Bind both server-socket and client-sockets to any local interface.
hazelcast.socket.server.bind.any true bool Bind server-socket to any local interface. If not set, hazelcast.socket.bind.any will be used as default.
hazelcast.socket.client.bind.any true bool Bind client-sockets to any local interface. If not set, hazelcast.socket.bind.any will be used as default.
hazelcast.socket.client.bind true bool Bind client socket to an interface when connecting to a remote server socket. When set to false, client socket is not bound to any interface.
hazelcast.socket.receive.buffer.size 32 int Socket receive buffer (SO_RCVBUF) size in KB.
hazelcast.socket.send.buffer.size 32 int Socket send buffer (SO_SNDBUF) size in KB.
hazelcast.socket.linger.seconds 0 int Set socket SO_LINGER option.
hazelcast.socket.keep.alive true bool Socket set keep alive (SO_KEEPALIVE). true bool Socket set TCP no delay.
hazelcast.shutdownhook.enabled true bool Enable Hazelcast shutdownhook thread.
hazelcast.wait.seconds.before.join 5 int Wait time before join operation.
hazelcast.max.join.seconds 300 int Join timeout, maximum time to try to join before giving. 20 int Split-brain merge timeout for a specific target.
hazelcast.max.wait.seconds.before.join 20 int Maximum wait time before join operation.
hazelcast.heartbeat.interval.seconds 1 int Heartbeat send interval in seconds. 300 int Max timeout of heartbeat in seconds for a node to assume it is dead. 450 int Max timeout of master confirmation from other nodes.
hazelcast.master.confirmation.interval.seconds 30 int Interval at which nodes send master confirmation.
hazelcast.member.list.publish.interval.seconds 600 int Interval at which master node publishes a member list.
hazelcast.icmp.enabled false bool Enable ICMP ping.
hazelcast.icmp.timeout 1000 int ICMP timeout in ms.
hazelcast.icmp.ttl 0 int ICMP TTL (maximum numbers of hops to try).
hazelcast.initial.min.cluster.size 0 int Initial expected cluster size to wait before node to start completely.
hazelcast.initial.wait.seconds 0 int Initial time in seconds to wait before node to start completely. 10 int Scheduler delay for map tasks those will be executed on backup members.
hazelcast.partition.count 271 int Total partition count.
hazelcast.logging.type jdk enum Name of logging framework type to send logging events.
hazelcast.jmx false bool Enable JMX agent.
hazelcast.jmx.detailed false bool Enable detailed views on JMX. 100 int Management Center maximum visible instance count. true bool Management Center changing server url is enabled.
hazelcast.connection.monitor.interval 100 int Minimum interval to consider a connection error as critical in milliseconds.
hazelcast.connection.monitor.max.faults 3 int Maximum IO error count before disconnecting from a node.
hazelcast.partition.migration.interval 0 int Interval to run partition migration tasks in seconds.
hazelcast.partition.migration.timeout 300 int Timeout for partition migration tasks in seconds. true bool Enable compression during partition migration.
hazelcast.partition.table.send.interval 15 int Interval for publishing partition table periodically to all cluster members.
hazelcast.partition.backup.sync.interval 30 int Interval for syncing backup replicas.
hazelcast.partitioning.strategy.class null string Class name implementing com.hazelcast.core.PartitioningStrategy, which defines key to partition mapping.
hazelcast.graceful.shutdown.max.wait 600 int Maximum wait seconds during graceful shutdown.
hazelcast.system.log.enabled true bool Enable system logs.
hazelcast.elastic.memory.enabled false bool Enable Hazelcast Elastic Memory off-heap storage. 128 int Hazelcast Elastic Memory storage total size in MB.
hazelcast.elastic.memory.chunk.size 1 int Hazelcast Elastic Memory storage chunk size in KB. false bool Enable Hazelcast Elastic Memory shared storage.
hazelcast.elastic.memory.unsafe.enabled false bool Enable usage of sun.misc.Unsafe when allocating, reading and modifying off-heap storage.
hazelcast.enterprise.license.key null string Hazelcast Enterprise license key.