Document Revision History

Chapter Section Description
Chapter 1 - Introduction Configuring Hazelcast The section 'Wildcard Configuration' previously placed under Configuration chapter moved to this section with the heading 'Using Wildcard', also the content improved.
Chapter 3 - Distributed Data Structures IdGenerator, ICountDownLatch, IAtomicReference Added as new sections.
MultiMap Section improved by adding information about how it is implemented and by providing configuration information.
Map Eviction section improved by adding the detailed policy and parameter explanations. A subsection on how to evict particular map entries added (Evicting Specific Entries). Also Map Overview and Backups sections enhanced with "how it works" information. Added Entry Listener and Map Locks as new sections.
Queue Section improved with new subsections.
Lock, ISemaphore Sections updated by adding fairness related warnings.
Chapter 5 - Distributed Computing User Defined Services Added as a new section. Provides information on Hazelcast SPI.
Executor Service HazelcastInstanceAware related information added.
Chapter 6 - Distributed Query Query section improved by adding 'how it works' information. Also, Continuous Query section re-written and sample codes added. Aggregators added as a new section. A note related to the indexing of non-primitive types added to Indexing section.
Chapter 7 - Transactions XA Transactions Added as a new section.
Sample JBoss AS 7 - EAP 6 Web Application Configuration Added as a new section.
Chapter 8 - Integrated Clustering Tomcat Based Web Session Replication Added as a new section (Enterprise Only feature).
Filter Based Web Session Replication Updated by adding SpringAwareWebFilter related information.
Chapter 9 - Hazelcast JCache Implementation Added as a new chapter.
Chapter 11 - Clients Java Client Client configuration related to AWS added and the whole section enhanced.
Chapter 12 - Serialization All sections under this chapter re-written and enhanced. Also added HazelcastInstanceAware, Stream & ByteArray Serializer, Serializable & Externalizable sections.
Null Portable Serialization Added as a new section.
Chapter 13 - Management Clustered JMX Added as a new section explaining how to monitor the statistics of distributed objects from a JMX interface (Enterprise Only feature).
Cluster Utilities Member Attributes added as a new section.
Clustered REST Added as a new section (Enterprise Only feature).
Chapter 15 - Performance Threading Model Added as a new section.
Chapter 16 - WAN WAN Replication Queue Size Added as a new section (Enterprise only feature).
Chapter 17 - Configuration Configuring TCP/IP Cluster Section improved by adding more detailed configuration options.
EC2 Auto Discovery Section improved by adding AWSClient Class description, Debugging information and more detailed tag explanations.
Ports Added as a new section explaining how to configure ports which Hazelcast uses to communicate between nodes. Also existing "Restricting Outbound Ports" moved under this new section with the heading "Outbound Ports".
System Property Updated by adding the descriptions of missing system properties.
Chapter 18 - Network Partitioning Added as a new chapter.
Chapter 19 - FAQ Updated with new questions.