What's New in Hazelcast 3.3

Release Notes

New Features

This section provides the new features introduced with Hazelcast 3.3 release.

  • Heartbeat for Java client: Before this release, a Java client could not detect a node as dead, if the client is not trying to connect to it. With this heartbeat feature, each node will be pinged periodically. If no response is returned from a node, it will be deemed as dead. Main goal of this feature is to decrease the time for detection of dead (disconnected) nodes by Java clients, so that the user operations will be sent directly to a responsive one.
  • Tomcat 6 and 7 Web Sessions Clustering: Please see Session Replication.
  • Replicated Map implemented: Please see Replicated Map
  • WAN Replication improved: Added configurable replication queue size WAN Replication Queue Size.
  • Data Aggregation implemented: Added common data aggregations, please find Aggregators documentation.
  • EvictAll and LoadAll features for IMap: evictAll and loadAll methods have been introduced to be able to evict all entries except the locked ones and that loads all or a set of keys from a configured map store, respectively.
  • JCache implementation introduced: Please see Hazelcast JCache Implementation for details.


This section lists issues solved for Hazelcast 3.3 release.

  • Hazelcast web session replication filter may die if response committed [#3360].
  • Resource adapter state never reset to isStarted == false, resulting in errors down the line [#3350].
  • Parallel execution of MapStore#store method for the same key triggered by IMap#flush [#3338].
  • when offer null argument in queue throws an exception but add null arg to collection then addAll() this list to queue it doesn't throw an exception [#3330].
  • java.io.FileNotFoundException thrown by MapLoaderTest [#3324].
  • MapMaxSizeTest Stabilizer test with SoftKill [#3291].
  • Incompatible spring and config xsd's [#3275].
  • ExpirationManager partition sorting can fail [#3271].
  • Config validation is broken [#3257].
  • Code Samples for Spring Security + WebFilter Integration [#3252].
  • WebFilter Test Cases are slow [#3250].
  • Man. Center + Weblogic Deployment Problem [#3247].
  • Enabling Multicast and TCP/IP node discovery methods froze my instances [#3246].
  • PagingPredicate.getAnchor doesn't return the correct value [#3241].
  • getOldValue and getValue returns same value when removing item from IMap [#3198].
  • MapTransactionContextTest: member softKill and Mama, HazelcastSerializationException + IegalStateException: Nested [#3196].
  • IMap.delete() should not call MapLoader.load()[#3178].
  • 3.3-RC3+: NPE in method connectionMarkedAsNotResponsive [#3169].
  • High complexity ActionConstants getPermission [#3160].
  • WebFilter.HazelcastHttpSession.isNew() does not check the HC Session Cache [#3132].
  • hazelcast-spring xsd files are not version agnostic [#3131].
  • ClassCastException: java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to java.lang.String Query [#3091].
  • Predicate, returns value, not matching predicate [#3090].
  • Modifications made by Entry Processor are lost in 3.3-RC-2 [#3062].
  • Hazelcast Session Clustering with Spring Security Problem [#3049].
  • PagingPredicate, - returning duplicated elements, resulting in infinite loop [#3047].
  • expirationTime on EntryView not set [#3038].
  • BasicRecordStoreLoader cannot handle retry responses [#3033].
  • Short await() on condition of contended lock causes IllegalStateException [#3025].
  • Indices and Comparable: not documented [#3024].
  • Marking Heartbeat as healthy is too late [#3014].
  • 3.3-RC2: IMap#keySet triggers value deserialization [#3008].
  • map.destroy() throws DistributedObjectDestroyedException [#3001].
  • Stabilizer tests Final profile, Xlarge cluster OperationTimeoutException [#2999].
  • c.h.jca.HazelcastConnection::getExecutorService returns plain ExecutorService [#2986].
  • Serialization NPE, stabilizer-MapStoreTest, 3.3-RC3-SNAPSHOT [#2985].
  • Bug with IMap.getAll() [#2982].
  • Client deadlock on single core machines [#2971].
  • Retrieve number of futures in loop in calling thread - question [#2964].

RC2 Fixes

This section lists issues solved for Hazelcast 3.3-RC2 release.

  • NPE exception in MapStoreTest [#2956].
  • All read operations of map should respect expired keys [#2946].
  • WebFilter does not clean up timed- out sessions [#2930].
  • Fixes data loss issue when partition table is being synced and a node is gracefully shutdown [#2908].
  • evictAll should flush to staging area #2969.
  • MapStoreConfig; implementation instance is not set, when configured via XML [#2898].
  • Fixed AddSessionEntryProcessor [#2955].
  • Added StripedExecutor to WanReplicationService [#2947].
  • Data loss fix in hazelcast-wm module [#2927].
  • Fix leaking empty concurrent hashmaps [#2929].
  • Configured event queue capacity [#2924].
  • Close the owner connection if heartbeat timeout when client is smart [#2916].
  • Client closes owner connection when a connection to the same address is closed [#2921].
  • Set application buffer size to not exceed tls record size [#2914].
  • LocalMapStats does not record stats about locked entries in 3.x [#2876].
  • Concurrency security interceptor [#2874].
  • Client hangs during split, if split occurs due to network error [#2850].
  • Network connection loss does not release lock [#2818].
  • It is not possible to copy the link from http://hazelcast.org/download/ and run wget on it [#2814].