Resource Adapter Configuration

Deploying and configuring Hazelcast resource adapter is no different than any other resource adapter since it is a standard JCA one. However, resource adapter installation and configuration is container specific, so please consult your J2EE vendor documentation for details. Most common steps are:

  1. Add the hazelcast-version.jar and hazelcast-jca-version.jar to container's classpath. Usually there is a lib directory that is loaded automatically by the container on startup.
  2. Deploy hazelcast-jca-rar-version.rar. Usually there is some kind of a deploy directory. Name of the directory varies by container.
  3. Make container specific configurations when/after deploying hazelcast-jca-rar-version.rar. Besides container specific configurations, JNDI name for Hazelcast resource is set.
  4. Configure your application to use the Hazelcast resource. Update web.xml and/or ejb-jar.xml to let container know that your application will use the Hazelcast resource and define the resource reference.
  5. Make container specific application configuration to specify JNDI name used for the resource in the application.